Bad State Decisions about Nursing Homes Are Heavily Driving the Coronavirus

More from the NRO article posted above about FL’s approach (emphasis mine):

Florida, DeSantis notes, “required all staff and any worker that entered to be screened for COVID illness, temperature checks. Anybody that’s symptomatic would just simply not be allowed to go in.” And it required staff to wear PPE. “We put our money where our mouth is,” he continues. “We recognized that a lot of these facilities were just not prepared to deal with something like this. So we ended up sending a total of 10 million masks just to our long-term-care facilities, a million gloves, half a million face shields.”

Florida fortified the hospitals with PPE, too, but DeSantis realized that it wouldn’t do the hospitals any good if infection in the nursing homes ran out of control : “If I can send PPE to the nursing homes, and they can prevent an outbreak there, that’s going to do more to lower the burden on hospitals than me just sending them another 500,000 N95 masks.”

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of this insight, and how much it drove Florida’s approach, counter to the policies of New York and other states. (“I don’t want to cast aspersions on others, but it is incredible to me, it’s shocking,” says the Florida health official, “that Governor Cuomo [and others] are able to kind of just avoid real questions about their policies early on to actually send individuals into the nursing home, which is completely counter to the real data.”)

Mary Mayhew had daily calls with the hospitals, with people involved in discharge planning on the line. “Every day on these calls,” she says, “I would hear the same comments and questions around, we need to get these individuals returned back to the nursing home. We drew a hard line early on. I said repeatedly to the hospital, to the CEOs, to the discharge planners, to the chief medical officers, ‘I understand that for 20 years it’s been ingrained, especially through Medicare reimbursement policy, to get individuals in and out. That is not our focus today. I’m not going to send anyone back to a nursing home who has the slightest risk of being positive.’”

What we said constantly is let’s not have two cases become 20 or five become 50,” she continues. “If you don’t manage this individual as you return them back, you will have far more being transferred back to the hospital.” Early on, when tests had a slow turnaround, there was a lot of pressure to give way, but Mayhew was unmovable on the question.

At the other end of the equation at the nursing homes, the state made it clear, according to Mayhew, “if you are unable to adhere to these infection-control standards, if you are unable to safely isolate and dedicate staff to an isolation wing or unit, you need to transfer that individual to a hospital.”

As the health officials put it, succinctly, “We wanted people out, not in.”

Where are the arrest warrants for NY’s Cuomo, PA’s Wolf and NJ’s Murphy?


That in NO way, shape or form, excuses Cuomo from that disastrous directive. Everyone knew dang well what a disaster Covid-19 represented for long term care facilities, but go ahead and make excuses for Cuomo. DeSantis showed the way. New York could have done it the same way and it would have been a lot less disastrous than it was in terms of death tolls.

Cuomo in cuffs please.


Political gymnast speak.
40% of infection is spread via the A-symptomatic. Those with no fever, symptoms, appearing healthy.
The issue is the flood of infected NY suffered. Florida never did.

Cuomo took that flood and threw gas on the fire at the moment he needed to be withdrawing oxygen from it.

Imagine for a moment that DeSantis had issued the same order Cuomo did. FL, due to its senior population, would have had the same disaster that NY did.


Yes. An attorney who lived in new Rochelle but worked in Manhattan.

First confirmed of community case based spreading.

The TSA is the agency in charge of airport screenings. It falls under the umbrella of homeland security.

Cathoholic . . . .

You can start by showing me where the CDC told Cuomo to send corona virus infected patients INTO nursing homes.

Then you can tell me WHY the CDC was telling Cuomo all these things,
but did not tell Cuomo Europe was an infection portal (which even I knew,
but somehow this escaped Cuomo).

Maximus1’s big reply?

@Maximus1’s focusing on me using the word “telling”.

First, your use of the word “telling.” CDC " telling" is your addition from thin air not mine.
The CDC apparently has guidelines or recomendationsof some sort to states involving the Homes .

What I say to that . . .

You can start by showing me where the CDC guidelines told Cuomo to send corona virus infected patients INTO nursing homes.


I am still waiting for your CDC quote “guideline” that Andrew Cuomo relied upon to send KNOWN INFECTED patients INTO New York nursing homes.

You said you’d provide it this morning.
Now this morning has come and is long gone and I am still awaiting this alleged Trump mistake.

This Cuomo move of sending corona virus infected patients back into nursing homes with KNOWN corona virus infection completely lacking in common sense by Andrew Cuomo
resulted in not only a major fraction of deaths in New York state . . . .
but also a significant fractional portion of deaths among the whole United States!

Let’s see.

We have a place with the absolute most vulnerable patients in the world all concentrated in one spot. (Nursing homes and other LTCF’s)

Andrew Cuomo’s (and several other Democrat Governors) idea?

Let’s FORCE them to TAKE IN infected patients!

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The disdain for our president clouds any sense of logic for those suffering from this syndrome.Easier to just blame trump for any and everything that goes wrong.:roll_eyes:


You will have to wait! Pray for patience. And whatever I provide will be congruent with what I said, not your reworked demand.
You cannot ascribe deaths to Cuomo, that’s just a political position.
I am guessing 50% approval among Republicans panics the Republican establishment. Trump remains culpable for the incredible volume of infection he unleashed on the city.

Cathoholic to Maximus1 . . .

I am still waiting for your CDC quote “guideline” that Andrew Cuomo relied upon to send KNOWN INFECTED patients INTO New York nursing homes.

You said you’d provide it this morning.
Now this morning has come and is long gone and I am still awaiting this alleged Trump mistake.

Now tomorrow morning has come and gone too.

Here’s what Maximus1 had to say . . . .

You will have to wait! Pray for patience. And whatever I provide will be congruent with what I said, not your reworked demand.


You cannot ascribe deaths to Cuomo

I can and I do.


What absolute nonsense,my goodness!:flushed:

Published 2 hours ago

Tucker Carlson: Coronavirus and the shocking abuse happening in nursing homes. This tragedy wasn’t by accident

Tucker Carlson

Opinion By Tucker Carlson | Fox News

Months from now, if and when we’re finally able to assess the coronavirus pandemic rationally and honestly, it’ll be clear that it was mostly a disaster for the old and the sick. Thirty-year-olds in Brooklyn have made the most noise, flooding the Internet with their neuroses.

But it is old people who have really suffered.

About a third of all deaths in this country so far have occurred in long-term care facilities. We told you a lot about the tragedy unfolding in New York.

As of Friday night, almost 6,000 nursing home residents have died there after Governor Andrew Cuomo forced facilities to admit infected patients.

But it’s not only happening in New York. In New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts for example, deaths in nursing homes account for more than half of the statewide totals.

So, if you’re old and in a facility, this virus has been genuinely dangerous. . . .

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Tucker: Shocking abuse happening in nursing homes

May. 23, 2020 - 6:08 - Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many nursing homes have banned all visits. No visitors means no real supervision and that’s an invitation to the most awful kinds of abuse.

And this too . . .

PA legislator calls for health secretary’s resignation

Premiered May 19, 2020

Pennsylvania health official Rachel Levine ordered nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients; insight from Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania state senator. #FoxNews #Tucker

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I remember Chris Cuomo telling Andrew Cuomo on-air, “You must be feeling pretty good about yourself” as the nursing home “fire” was going on.

Andrew Cuomo of course was feeling good about himself.

That’s almost certainly why he said “God did not do that” when he was (prematurely) chalking up good numbers and taking credit for it, in the very earliest stages.

‘The Five’ shred Cuomo brothers making coronavirus jokes, ignoring deaths


Published on May 21, 2020

CNN host Chris Cuomo doesn’t ask his brother about nursing home deaths in New York; reaction on ‘The Five.’


Cuomo brothers joke about testing swabs while ignoring questions on deadly nursing home policy

May. 21, 2020 - 7:15 - CNN host Chris Cuomo doesn’t ask his brother about nursing home deaths in New York; reaction on ‘The Five.’

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Ascribing deaths to Cuomo, whose administration required nursing homes to accept COVID patients… and when there were empty alternatives available!–is political but the following is not?

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Like 80% of those polled, I disagree.( Both parties).
You will always have outliers.
He will continue to do well because he has remained above this politics. And his constituents know it.

What isn’t NONESENSE is the CDC warning and Trump failure to act timely to stop 2.2 million potentially infected Europeans from flying into airports like JFK. Because the CDC told us about it. They have also told us the NY, NJ, AND most of eastern seaboard infection came by way of the European strain. A more virulent deadly strain.
It came upon cities like NYC so suddenly that it created a crisis nobody knew the limits of. So easy with politics.

There was what available when.
Go back and look at the Cuomo request for field Hospitals and WHEN THEY WERE MADE. The Corp of Engineers acted after. Your account of decisions WHEN MADE is not a fair one.

Ok, I can stretch and say if there were no alternatives available, then the decision was made in that circumstance…

But the decision was never reconsidered even when nursing homes were imploring the health department for help.

And… the Samaritan’s Purse hospital was begun 5 days later–surely someone knew about it on the 25th? And the Javits Csnter hospital was finished on or around the 27th–altho it was intended for use as a non-Covid overflow facility, no one ever thought to change that when so many started dying in nursing homes?

No, I am sorry, I cannot see this as anything other than a complete boondoggle, and Cuomo as… well, not smelling like a rose.


Cuomo’s claim that he acted consistently with CDC guidelines is not a vindication, but it is a valid point in a crisis.
Has the CDC changed over time and experience?
I recall stories of body bags piling up and a lack of places to bring them. I recall policy being changed TO NO LONGER bring people to Emergency rooms for potential revival.
AND YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT LIES AHEAD? I agree with Cuomo. Stay away from the politics.

I don’t know, afaict, he hasn’t shown us evidence that this was a CDC guideline at the time. Moreover, several other governors declined to send covid patients to nursing homes, so I guess the guidelines were more like suggestions.

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