Bad State of Mind During Mass


Last Sunday, I felt totally disengaged, from Mass, as the priest had such a thick accent that I could not understand a word he was saying. The piano glissandos, during the musical sections, had me rolling my eyes. The homily had me on the brink of unconsciousness. I felt terrible during Mass and afterwards. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence as I live in Hawaii and priests, from all over the world, pass through.


I noticed yesterday that the only thing I had to offer God at mass was my complete distraction. I don’t have the excuse of the priest having an accent, but I still managed to completely miss the homily – my mind was just wandering all over the place, and no matter how hard I tried to focus, my attention just kept wandering.


And I hear ya on the goofy music stuff that sometimes happens during mass, though at my parish if there’s a problem with music, it’s probably on me, because I’m the organist (and sadly, not a very good one).

Just keep communicating with God as best you can, even if it’s only to say, “Lord, did you hear that?” or even just read through the readings again during the homily if you can’t understand it.

God bless you!


Take heart poiboy…it happens to me and I learned to not let it keep eating at me by recognizing I am human and have all the frailties which that incurs.
if I might suggest find a mass this week you can go to, and rest in His grace…go back and keep going back as much as possible…

Some days are diamonds, some days are coal…



Just goes to show that all of us, including the priests, are entirely human. I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve nodded off during a homily, left feeling the whole experience was a downer, or felt the music was terrible and poorly done. The best thing, to my mind, is to do your part and let the off days that others are always going to have slide off you without leaving too bad a taste. Mass is far more than just the sounds and words we hear. :slight_smile:


Just remember what is happening and WHO is coming to you during Mass. Ask Father, Son and Holy Spirit to help you to get the fullness out of the Mass.


I hear you! We had goofy music at Mass yesterday too, Mass VIII (de Angelis) was used. I hate that setting! And on top of that the chant was accompanied instead of a cappella, but that’s because the choirmaster was away and there was a visiting monk in the schola.

I’m like you, I get distracted easily.

But… every day I read a commented version of the Rule of St. Benedict and the author (of the comments) talks about dragging his sorry carcass to Vigils early in the morning, one eye barely cracked open and mechanically praying the Office. So I don’t feel so bad.

We are human, and can’t be 100% present 100% of the time in the liturgy. I pray the LOTH every day and believe me I know…

The trick, as I’m sure you know, is to persevere whether we are having a good day or a bad day.


You just have to try to make it through each Mass.
Keep in mind that you are there to glorify and worship God, not to be entertained by a priest’s homily or the music being played.


I wish all Masses could, “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” but that’s not realistic. I know we are all there to worship God, as a community, but sometimes I am tempted to pray the rosary during the homily (especially if it is boring or unintelligible). I know that sound selfish like, “I’m just going to ignore the priest and do my own thing.”


Oh but I do like to be entertained by the homily. I love when priests tie personal stories into their message. It kind of gives us a glimpse into their life. A good homily will lift my spirits high and make me teary-eyed…okay, maybe I’m being a little overly dramatic.


You get to go to Mass in Hawaii, isn’t that enough?


When I’m having a bad day and go to mass, I just focus on Christ, sometimes that’s all my mind can handle. Just remember it happens to all for us at some point in are life. You’ll get through it. I will say a prayer for you on Sunday. God Bless you.


the thing is, the Mass is not about you.

It’s not about our warm-and-fuzzies

It’s about Jesus, and His sacrifice and glorification, both on the Cross and on the Altar.


This video might help!


Of course I am part of the Mass, as is Jesus and the rest of His children in attendance. But, the day a start showing up at Mass, only to fulfill my obligation, is the day I stop attending Mass.


Thank you so much Vallancec. May many blessed ng come your way🙂


Perhaps, if Mass was performed on the beach?



Offer up your inconveniences for all of those people who live in places where mass is illegal or impossible.


This is gold. Thanks for the laugh. :smile:

I can relate to much of what you said, I have felt like this way as well. The one thing that helped me is ask yourself the question “why do I go to church?” Whatever answer you come up with and there could be more than one, remind yourself that it’s just one hour of the entire week that God asks of you.

It’s hard to be in a full mental state the entire time. Some days are better than others. Try to take home with you one positive thing from the mass. It could be something from the reading, something said in the homily, or receiving the Eucharist.


I changed churches.
After 6 months of trying to put on a brave face…
There were a few other reasons too…
And am I glad I did !
I’ve grown by leaps and bounds …
I’ve even learn 50 or so hymns too !


Try a new church or go to mass celebrated by a religious order. Find a regular celebrant that you like and feel will help you grow closer to God.

Personally, I disagree with the Church. If your parish priest is driving you away from the religion, join another parish. Nothing is more important than your salvation, and the Church should consider reconciling their position on open borders and closed parishes.

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