Bad thought is this a mortal sin

hey guys i need to know if i committed a mortal sin,

i was reading a book, started thinking about my past and had a bad thought towards god come up…i am not sure if i committed a mortal sin obviously i did not want to nor do i like the though it was just kind of being “mad” with god so to speak…it was a bad thought that obviously i dont like but i need to now whether i need to know whether this is a mortal sin or not… i have read the three prerequiests to mortal sin yet am not good at deciding for myself … so if someone can help?

sitting reading
thining about my crummy past
sort of bad thought “mad” to god
realized i shouldnt be mad

mortal or not?

in my spirit and concious i still feel in a state of grace but again i need to know these things for sure because i am more concerned about being 100 precent pure at all times

These sorts of intrusive, compulsive thoughts-- and the anxiety you are conveying as to whether or not this was a sin-- is something best discussed with your pastor especially if they happen often.

You simply cannot come here asking if everything is a sin. If you are “not good” at deciding for yourself, then all the more reason you need regular spiritual direction so that you can discern properly.

I don’t know if my opinion counts, but no - I don’t see how it could possibly be a mortal sin. The brain is complex and we can’t always control all the random firings between neurons that trigger daydreams, odd thoughts or memories. Pray for peace, & talk to your priest. This may simply be a result of a chemical imbalance, causing anxiety and/or obsessive compulsive thoughts. This can be treated. People who have suffered and struggled with the same problem, often view the time before treatment as a period of seemingly endless torture, and describe the feeling after being treated as if waking from a terrible nightmare. It’s not your fault. You are responsible for your actions, not random thoughts about troubling memories. My prayers are with you.

for the record i am on medication for a mental illness however at the moment i am more than fine and stable, i reflected on my neative past while reading a book because i felt not good or sort of that i had failed myself but this was very rational, when i thought about the bad thins i had done and what not that is when i had a moment of “mad” or bad thought towards god…

but i suppose in the end i am going to the confessional or to seek spiritual direction that is the best way and perhaps that is what god wanted all along

Every one has thoughts, it’s weather or not you dwell on something that is sinful that makes it a sin. When you have a evil thought pop into your head you should just start praying,Sometimes it is the Evil one probably most of the time to get us to dwell on bad things…I just pray and meditate on the Mysteries of the Rosary and they go away.
Only Our Lord knows if it is a Mortal sin, How long you were thinking about it and if you even started to revel in it. I confess even venial sins because we receive a abundance of graces when we go to Confession.
Our Church says the Rosary before Mass. Did you know if you go to Confession and say the Rosary in front of the Crucifix it is a Plenary Indulgence offering it up for Our Holy Father in this case Father’s and Our Holy Mother’s Intentions. If you go to Confession everyday and say the Rosary Before the Crucifix Offering it for Our Holy Mothers Intentions and Our Holy Father’s Intention u can Obtain a Plenary Indulgence everyday or however many times you go to Mass if your Church says the Rosary before Mass. What a wonderful gift and yet the Confessional lines there is only a few and always the same faces…Everyone goes to Communion…Very sad that Sacrilegious Communions take place every Saturday and Sunday…Most people who go to Mass everyday do go to Confession.
I have heard of churches where you have to make a appointment to get Confession,The Priest say it is because so few come…If he was in the Confessional everyday like Our Priests, people would come. It may not be Hundreds like when i was young but who has time to schedule a Confession whenever they need too.
If your not sure ask your Priest but i wouldn’t let it upset me or keep me from going to Mass.

I concur with Ike1, but as a discussion point, I have read that bad thoughts only begin to approach being a sin if when we realize that such a thought as entered into our conscience we embrace it, relish it, enjoy it and allow it to linger and grow and as such sow a mental field for other like thoughts.
When we should do just the opposite, call on St. Michael to assist in overcoming the temptation, call on JESUS and Mary and use prayer or physical distraction to remove the thought from ourselves. But as to venial or mortal, you need to speak with your priest.

well i do not want to quarrel or cause an divide amongst anything, nor startt anything bad but basically this thought i had was more of an impulse (the negative cursing towards god), i couldnt control it and it came to me, i cannot doubt that i had the thought and curse twoards god but it is not that i ddelibrately wanted it… i immediately detested the thought and turned twoards gods goodness…

i do not think this is a mortal and it would scare me if this occurance and anything similar to it would mean i was seperated from god… of course i do not liek the thought nor do i ever wish to repeat it … i want to feel at ease when spontaneous thoughts come that i have not committed a mortal sin… perhaps my confessor didnt have the particulars of my mindstate at the time but it is more saddening and discouraging to me to be told that i am eternally seperated for rushing thoughts thati did not will

it is not that i do not want to go to aconfessional its trying to understand whether or not i have to… i thin it would be more damaging to misunderstaqnd these occurances by confessing unneedingly in aconfessional rather than to accept that this came etc.,

Just go to Confession and receive Absolution and then if it was a sin it’s Absolved and your mind will be free!

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