Bad thoughts in confession

I have some really bad thought habits, and as I was confessing a certain habitual sin I had the thought “Every GD day” pop into my head, but I didn’t mention it as I was confessing and just ignored it. I think it came back toward the end of the confession because it bothered me that I had the thought but I was trying to just ignore it. I keep thinking about whether or not I willed it, if I meant it, if it’s something that I need to bring to confession, and whether because I thought it that my previous confession is invalid.

I’m worried that I committed sacrilege because I didn’t mention the thought in confession, and I’m also really frustrated because I made a general confession, and I don’t want to have to go back and retell everything. I will if I have to, but I feel terrible for the priest. I’m really stuck on this so could anyone please clarify this for me? What about other bad thoughts in confession? Should they be mentioned in the confessional or just ignored?

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It sounds like you may be scrupulous or have something that a professional would be better helping you with than people of CAF.


OP, as IrishMom said, it sounds from your post like you are having scrupulosity issues.

We avoid responding to scrupulous posters here because responses are not helpful to that particular condition. Please don’t seek responses on the Internet about this sort of thing. Please talk to your priest, in person.

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