bad thoughts

I have OCD at the moment am having thoughts that Jesus isn’t the son of God
i think the devil is in my mind making me think like this
i know that Jesus is the son of God but my mind keep saying that he isnt

i dont know what to do
I cant see anyone about this that is non NHS as i cant afford to
i have to wait 6 months before ill see anyone NHS
Am on medication for the OCD but its don’t help much

Firstly, you are not alone. If you look at the Groups you will see that there is a group of people who have, are or will suffer the same or similar pain and anxiety.

I suggest following the link below and moving to September. I know it isn’t identical wording to your description but it boils down to the same thing i.e. feeling under attack by wrong and evil thoughts.

There are many people who feel strong urges so out of line with their beliefs, who are frightened by the violence of their thoughts. Therefore, there is hardly one priest who has not heard someone taking the sensible courageous action of either taking this to the Sacrament of Reconciliation or asking for Spiritual Guidance.

In the meanwhile, you may like to do what I do which is as soon as I realise what is happening, I apologise to God and ask for forgiveness. If that doesn’t hold it off, I pray for others breaking the prayers down to specific groups of lost souls and at the same time find something to do that needs attention from my brain.

I will pray that God will bless you, keep you safe and provide you with the Spiritual Direction you need. Note, I said "“need” not want, so don’t be surprised if the help still requires a lot of work on your part or isn’t want you think you need.

God bless you.

Thank you for the link…yes i see there is a group here and am going to join it
My mind is battling with me …i need to call out to God
this has made me feel like my thoughts are not my own i think that people can control other peoples minds … some times on the bus with my husband i can feel them all in my mind telling me evil things that i got to do as am told or something bad will happen

God is with me always Jesus is with me always

Am scared of what people put in my mind its mostly the devil but there are his followers who do things to my mind …i must stop them but i dont know how

I keep praying worshiping God and Jesus i know they will help me

Use the best weapon against Satan known to man: pray a decade of the rosary. I find that when I do this, my mind is quieted and focused and my determination not to sin is strengthened. I am someone who has suffered from anxiety and depression in the past. This has morphed into bipolar disorder, my current diagnosis, and Satan does use this against me in an effort to get me to fall into sin. I use the weapons of confession, frequent reception of the Eucharist, and the rosary to gain the graces I need to combat Satan in my life.

Its been years since av had a rosary no one ever taught me how to use it
I know that is bad for someone who is born catholic not knowing how to use it
can someone give me some info on it i can buy a rosary at some point when i have money
( ill have money at some point )

It is not bad not to know the rosary, people come to it at different times and some take to it like a duck to water and others struggle (I’m a struggler). Here is a link to a guide to praying the rosary

By the way, you don’t need to wait until you can buy a Rosary, there is no law against improvisation. For example, all you need is something to represent the large beads (pens, pieces of paper or even cotton wool) and use your fingers plus thumbs to replace the little beads. It can do until you have a couple of pounds to spend on a rosary. After you purchase a rosary, the priest will bless it for you.

PS. I also use my Rosary to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

God bless you.

As you noted a counselor or medical professional can assist one on the disorder your struggling with (as you likely know -we note this for other readers too --one site I saw was catholictherapists). We are not permitted to give medical advice here.

Morally speaking - all sorts of thoughts can come out of the blue to anyone.

…and there not be any sin.

When such happens one would not consent but calmly turn to some good thing- like the work one is doing etc (as opposed to trying hard not to think the thing…which can be counterproductive).

A person with OCD is going to have a more intense experience with such thoughts (to say the least) and as noted can obtain professional assistance with such.

A Priest /confessor can assist - not only with his direction but with advising the person with the OCD regarding what the medical professional proposes to assist them with (so they know what is moral in treating such).

What is very important is that you still know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. You are merely being tempted and are gaining great merit for Heaven every time you fight your temptations. You’ll be in my prayers. God bless you.

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