Bad Writing from Iowa?

Pick any few pages in part E of the Iowa supreme court ruling.

How come it insists on using the term “gays and lesbian people” when referring to homosexuals but the term “heterosexuals” when referring to straight folk, often in the same sentance?

This lacks parallelism and neutral tone.

I think I’m being discriminated against :eek:

Yep. :slight_smile:

All of this is really about divvying up privileges, and who gets the coveted victim status, to use it as a bludgeon in the fight for the privileges.

It is not that they want the respect and common courtesy due an equal , they are lieing, for I know that in my own case at least they already had that.
they want privilege, advantage, which I am not obliged to respect, and never will be so obliged, should ten million vote it so.

I don’t understand what you mean. Could you explain how the court ruling divvies up privileges and confers victim status on anyone? :confused:

Because in the past, “homosexual” often referred specifically to men.

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