Baghdad: Finding Swords

**More on Operation Lightning.
**As part of the lightning operations in Baghdad, the Iraqi security forces arrested 49 terror suspects in the districts of Hurriya, A’amil, Ghazaliya and Mada’in in and around Baghdad.

The most interesting arrest was the one in Mada’in as Iraqi troops found swords in the place where the suspects were hiding in addition to amounts of machine guns, pistols, mortar rounds, RPGs and wireless military type communication devices.
The confiscated items were shown on Al-Iraqia TV in a special report last night.
Five other terror suspects were arrested in Al-Doura district south of Baghdad and a weapon cache was near an elementary school in the same area.

And in a statement for the Iraqi government yesterday, it was announced that Iraqi security forces succeeded in dismantling 4 car bombs. While in Jurf Al-Sakhar south of Baghdad and Radwaniya north west of Baghdad, the Iraqi army performed two quality operations; for the 1st time helicopters were used to drop units of Iraqi special forces around the targets to get advantage from the surprise factor.
11 armed terrorists were arrested in the operation and weapons and munitions were confiscated.

Today also, a brother of on of the most wanted remaining leaders of the Ba’ath Party (Abdul-Baqi Al-Sadoon) was arrested in Nasiriyah together with 3 other men while they were planning to perform terror attacks in the city.

It’s worth mentioning that there’s a one million dollar reward for anyone who provides information that might lead to arresting Abdul-Baqi Al-Sadoon who was in charge of the Ba’ath organizations in the south eastern cities of Iraq.

In Kirkuk, “Dibis” military base was handed officially by the American troops to a unit from the 5ht division of the Iraqi army. The commander of the American unit that was in charge of the base said “This step indicates that Iraqi troops are qualified and ready to deal with the security tasks in this region independently”.

Meanwhile, multinational forces handed security responsibility in one of Baghdad’s sectors to the 2nd brigade of the 6th division of the Iraqi army after the process of training and equipping the brigade units was successfully

This is good news. Thanks for the update.

I am sure that you see how the MSM under reports the good things that are happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the Islamic world. Have you noticed the difference in the way they report now and WW II? In WW II they seldom reported how many of our soldiers died in the headlines, unless it was to show the brutality of the enemy. Now they seldom report how many enemies died, just how many of our troops were killed

Wow. Good news, indeed!

Thank you for the updates, gilliam.

Excellent news, thanks for the post.

positive news…thanks gilliam :thumbsup:

Lance, in the II WW, the left was against nazism, you have to remember that!, now they´re with Al-Qaeda.

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