Bahamas issues US travel advisory over racial tensions


The Bahamas has issued a rare travel advisory for its citizens visiting the US, recommending particular care for young men in cities affected by tensions over recent police shootings.
The advisory warns citizens to not get involved in protests and avoid crowds.
It comes after two black men were shot dead by police in Minnesota andLouisiana, and five officers were killed at a protest in Dallas.
Some 90% of the Bahamas population is black, according to the CIA.
The advisory comes as the country, a former British colony, celebrates its Independence Day holiday, on 10 July, a time when many locals travel abroad, including to the US.

Is this how the world sees us?


After the headlines being generated, yes.

Where I live is in the middle of nowhere and usually remains unaffected by events.

But I am seeing protests in the local area.

It is the legacy of the Obama administration.
Racial tensions so high it feels like a war is about to start.


I thought electing Barack Obama was supposed to solve all of this.


Yes, one elected official was supposed to end racism forever :rolleyes:


It’s the symbolism.

Symbolism that was strong enough to gain him the Nobel Prize eight years ago.



It is his legacy.

The great healer chose to pour fire on the smoldering racism that exists in America to prove that it was still there.

and Kaboom, he was right!!! By golly, racism still exists in America!! Who knew?!!! Who would have even suspected that it existed?!!!:rolleyes:

It is an interesting method of healing things. It must comes from the Charles Manson school of social medicine.


He wasn’t supposed to end racism, he was supposed to avoid setting race relations back fifty years.


I think it was the Iphone that did that. Give credit where credit is due.


I’m sad that other countries see us this way.

I’m also sad that the forces of evil are using tragedies to fuel racial tensions so that we focus on and fight each other. That prevents us from coming together to fight our common enemy ISIS. This is all demonically driven to distract us and weaken us. And people are falling for it left and right.


He didn’t. Just because you didn’t see what race relations really were and now have no choice but to look doesn’t mean President Obama is responsible. He’s not.


He may not be, but there’s no doubt that matters are worse now than in previous governments.



Not really. We just get to see it more now.


The next step forward down a long and arduous road was the least people were hoping for.


I beg to differ. Every times there’s supposed police brutality against blacks he seems to know everything and claims there’s rampant racism in law enforcement. Just hours before the terrorist in Dallas struck, Obama seemed to “know” that the two cases gripping the nation last week were race based. Now we’re finding out that both are likely justified shootings, despite the narrative the media has set, but he can’t get off the race train.

Think back to Dylan Roof. Obama was referring to it as an act of racist terrorism before the facts came in and he was right. But now we have a clear case of racist terrorism on the other side of the aisle and he can’t seem to figure out what the shooter’s motivation was? The guy admitted to the cops that he was inspired by the shootings that week against blacks (which again, seem to be justified) and wanted to kill as many white people, especially white officers, as possible. His motivation seemed pretty clear to me and the rest of America, but just like “radical Islamic terrorism”, it can’t seem to leave his lips.


I’m not sure about that.

You didn’t have knockout games in the 1900s, for example.



Two more countries have issued travel warnings for the US


Foreign countries are taking notice to instability in the US. Aggressive nations like Russia, China, or North Korea may be planning an attack on the US or its allies. Stay vigilant.


Right, with a population of a little over 400,000, the Bahamas has an “extraordinary high murder rate” of around 37 per 100,000. The murder rate in the United States is only around 4.5 per 100,000.

Considering that most of the murders are in Nassau, the murder rate is even higher if other Bahamian islands are excluded.


I wouldn’t say it is necessarily how the world sees the US, because the US is still viewed as a wonderful, free place where the majority of the world wants to relocate/emigrate. However, the videos of those men getting shot have been really jarring and I see why many places have issued travel advisories. In the same way warnings are issued when a bombing happens in london, turkey etc.


Even if the murder rate is high, these travel advisories have to be issued. It’s so that travellers are aware and can protect themselves. Even if you are from a city in the US with a high crime rate, you are still warned to avoid certain areas in the middle east.
Not all people who travel are street smart.

The advisory from Bahamas is not something new. It doesn’t mean the Bahamas thinks the US is terrible or a crime ridden place. It is doing what it can to make its citizens aware. This is making the news because this is the first time main stream media is hearing about it. Whenever caribbean students travel for example we are told this. Avoid crowds, don’t get involved in protests, travel with your papers (or photocopies if you don’t want to lose the original) and if the police stops you remain calm and if possible call your school and consulate.

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