Baha'u'llah said Ishmael was the Sacrifice

Words Of Baha’u’llah :
That which thou hast heard concerning Abraham, the Friend of the All-Merciful, is the truth, and no doubt is there about it. The Voice of God commanded Him to offer up** Ishmael** as a sacrifice, so that His steadfastness in the Faith of God and His detachment from all else but Him may be demonstrated unto men. The purpose of God, moreover, was to sacrifice him as a ransom for the sins and iniquities of all the peoples of the earth. This same honor, Jesus, the Son of Mary, besought the one true God, exalted be His name and glory, to confer upon Him. For the same reason was Ḥusayn offered up as a sacrifice by Muḥammad, the Apostle of God.

I don’t know why, as a Catholic, you are so interested in Baha’u’llah, but his " writings " do not have any Divine authority. You are Catholic, you have one Church, founded by Jesus Christ. The " religions " founded by Muhammad and Bab or Baha’u’llah have no Divine origin, they are corruptions of the Revelation God gave to the Israelites and which was consumated by Christ in the New Testament. I advise you to drop this fascination with heretical religions.


Pretty much this.

Muhammad was not a prophet of God, and his supposed “sacrifice” of Husayn was nothing more than murder. Jesus Christ died for our sins, and his sacrifice was perfect, meaning that no further sacrifice would be necessary. To believe that Muhammad needed to sacrifice someone is to deny the perfection of Christ’s Sacrifice, which is to deny Christ and his purpose in becoming incarnate. It is, to put is succinctly, paramount to completely denying the Truth of the Catholic Church, and of God’s revelations to us. It is a denial of Christ Himself.

For advent, why not focus on studying the Faith that Jesus Christ started instead of a man-made religion.

Good post, and excellent advice. Personally, I have no interest in “Baha’u’llah.”


Lol, I totally agree this is my debate **against ** Baha’u’llah and his followers you must have never read my post.:slight_smile:

Yes you are right. I totally agree this is my debate against Baha’u’llah and his followers.

They have their own forum if you would like to talk to LOTS of Baha’i.

It ain’t that serious :smiley:

These words are wrong and only go to prove (if he indeed did say this) that this Baha fella spoke lies and misinformation. It makes no sense to listen to him further!


Right, this destroys Baha’u’llah.

Yes…Exactly the same way the Koran destroys Islam by saying that the church believes Mary is the third person of the trinity.


It does… Wow :o

Here is Baha’u’llah’s Son… Abdu’l-Bahá, explanation of the Trinity:


Question.—What is the meaning of the Trinity, of the Three Persons in One?
Answer.—The Divine Reality, which is purified and sanctified from the understanding of human beings and which can never be imagined by the people of wisdom and of intelligence, is exempt from all conception. That Lordly Reality admits of no division; for division and multiplicity are properties of creatures which are contingent existences, and not accidents which happen to the self-existent.
The Divine Reality is sanctified from singleness, then how much more from plurality. The descent of that Lordly Reality into conditions and degrees would be equivalent to imperfection and contrary to perfection, and is, therefore, absolutely impossible. It perpetually has been, and is, in the exaltation of holiness and sanctity. All that is mentioned of the Manifestations and Dawning-places of God signifies the divine reflection, and not a descent into the conditions of existence. 1
God is pure perfection, and creatures are but imperfections. For God to descend into the conditions of existence would be the greatest of imperfections; on the contrary, His manifestation, His appearance, His rising are like the reflection of the sun in a clear, pure, polished mirror. All the creatures are evident signs of God, like the earthly beings upon all of which the rays of the sun shine. But upon the plains, the mountains, the trees and fruits, only a portion 114 of the light shines, through which they become visible, and are reared, and attain to the object of their existence, while the Perfect Man 2 is in the condition of a clear mirror in which the Sun of Reality becomes visible and manifest with all its qualities and perfections. So the Reality of Christ was a clear and polished mirror of the greatest purity and fineness. The Sun of Reality, the Essence of Divinity, reflected itself in this mirror and manifested its light and heat in it; but from the exaltation of its holiness, and the heaven of its sanctity, the Sun did not descend to dwell and abide in the mirror. No, it continues to subsist in its exaltation and sublimity, while appearing and becoming manifest in the mirror in beauty and perfection.
Now if we say that we have seen the Sun in two mirrors—one the Christ and one the Holy Spirit—that is to say, that we have seen three Suns, one in heaven and the two others on the earth, we speak truly. And if we say that there is one Sun, and it is pure singleness, and has no partner and equal, we again speak truly.
The epitome of the discourse is that the Reality of Christ was a clear mirror, and the Sun of Reality—that is to say, the Essence of Oneness, with its infinite perfections and attributes—became visible in the mirror. The meaning is not that the Sun, which is the Essence of the Divinity, became divided and multiplied—for the Sun is one—but it appeared in the mirror. This is why Christ said, “The Father is in the Son,” meaning that the Sun is visible and manifest in this mirror.
The Holy Spirit is the Bounty of God which becomes visible and evident in the Reality of Christ. The Sonship station is the heart of Christ, and the Holy Spirit is the station of the spirit of Christ. Hence it has become certain and proved that the Essence of Divinity is absolutely unique and has no equal, no likeness, no equivalent. 115
This is the signification of the Three Persons of the Trinity. If it were otherwise, the foundations of the Religion of God would rest upon an illogical proposition which the mind could never conceive, and how can the mind be forced to believe a thing which it cannot conceive? A thing cannot be grasped by the intelligence except when it is clothed in an intelligible form; otherwise, it is but an effort of the imagination.
It has now become clear, from this explanation, what is the meaning of the Three Persons of the Trinity. The Oneness of God is also proved.

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You guys enjoying yourselves?? Good…

So we have one historical inconsistency stated by Baha’u’llah.

So we are talking about historical inconsistencies in the Bible? Where do we start!!

Let us reason together…or is this an example of the “falling away” of Christians emphasised in the Bible?





Yes because mocking how someone’s name is spelled is the height of comedy and the genius of wit. Good job. Here’s a golf clap for you- :clapping:

Ah, so starting a number of threads on someone else’s faith in order to throw out arguments and accusations you really don’t care about is the new definition of “fun.” Do you limit your “fun” to just this particular faith, or do the same with other faiths as well?

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