Bahrain says it is severing diplomatic ties with Iran


Bahrain says it is severing diplomatic ties with Iran


Sudan, Bahrain and UAE.

Trouble still happens in Sudan, I don’t know if there is an air of stability and justice there and if things have improved.

The Supreme Court in Sudan has shown some leniency against sentences originally given out to persons including including Christians.

UK admonishes SA for execution.


Let’s all pray that the anger remains confined to diplomatic posturing.



I’m not sure how much this is posturing and how much it really matters. Thing have gotten hot before AKA the Iran-Iraq War; but then that was also a Cold War proxy war. ISIS and the fighting in Yemen is in some ways is a small proxy war currently going on.

I almost wonder if Iran is using this for some internal purposes, to stir up nationalism or distract attention. The executions were done as a part of a larger group of 30 or so, most were Sunni and only 4 were Shia. The man at the center of this was in prison for an anti government protest from 5 years ago. I don’t agree with Saudi’s laws or punishments here, but this looks to be a systematic carrying out of the Saudi penal code more than some major political move. Iran carries out as many or more executions per capita as Saudi as it is.


I’m no fan of Iran but prefer the to Saudi Arabia.

Who are Iran’s allies these days?


Iran’s ally today is Russia, and Assad is Iran’s puppet. Also, the U.S. has been acting as a de facto ally (though still hated by the Mullahs) of Iran, inasmuch as the US has been supporting Iranian-led militias against ISIS and other groups.

Iran is not only the enemy of Saudi Arabia. It is the enemy of all Sunni in the Middle East. Iran is also the #1 sponsor of terrorism in the world.

Ultimately, it should not be surprising to anyone if Iran and the Sunni states (and quasi-states) are in a full blown war. Eventually, it may come to a nuclear exchange.

Ironically, the U.S. once stood between those factions and enforced the peace, but now it doesn’t due to Obama’s choice to leave the Middle East as a battleground between Sunni states and forces and Iran.


Be right there with you praying this doesn’t escalate out of hand. I’ve got friends who lived for a few years in Bahrain (and made some good friends over there) and who now live in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh. They’d be right in the think of it if anything goes wrong.


This isn’t a recent development. The Sunni and Shia have been on again off again at each other’s throats for 1300 years. They were fighting long before Bush inserted the US into Iraq. I mean the Iran-Iraq War was one of the larger conflicts of the 20th century killing between 500,000 and 1 million people and that’s only one large scale example.


The antipathies are not only Sunni/Shia. There are hatreds between Arabs and Persians, Persians and Turks. Turks and Arabs. Central Asians against everybody.

Tough place over there.


that is for sure!


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