Bake Sale Recipes


Any favorites you make for bake sales? I’ve been asked to make something for a nephew’s bake sale after church and I don’t know what would be a good seller.


Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, special K bars, rice krispy bars, Cheerios bars, fudge.

The smartest thing I have seen at Bake sales is to individually wrap a few items for 25-50 cents. That way if a child wants “a cookie” mom does not have to buy a whole plate full, or more likely, if a child has his own quarter or 2 in his pocket he can afford to buy his own. We do this at our church bake sales, and those items always sell out first.


The best thing ever is ‘Scottish tablet’ It sells really well and tastes fantastic. I have made a link to a recipe I have used. It was delicious and is by far the best I have tasted.


I buy quick bread mixes and bake them in small aluminum pans. They sell well and are easy for people to take with them. Also, I put all my baked goods in zip lock bags to keep them fresh, and to keep them from “escaping” onto the floor. People appreciate good packaging. :wink:

  • Banana or apple bread.
  • Brownies.
  • Chocolate chip cookies “glammed” with extra fold-ins such as nuts, different colored chips, dried fruit, etc., then frosted or glazed and sprinkles or chopped nuts.


**Ummm, who wants to suggest to the higher ups here that they need to have a bake sale?!?!?! :smiley: :yup: **


Home made gingersnaps. The chewy kind with krinkly tops, sprinkled with sugar. Do you want suggestions or actual recipes?


chocolate chip cookies
rice crispy treats
NOT cupcakes-very messy and for some reason don’t sell well.

beautifully decorated cakes sell sometimes, depending on the crowd, but they wilt quickly and don’t look fresh, and unless the event is rather upscale, it is hard to get the money they are worth.

pies sell well and very few people make them, so do smaller tarts

mini-loaf breads, banana nut, poppyseed, blueberry

the thing I always used to make is that dump 7-layer thing with the gram-cracker crumbs, choc chips, butterscotch chips, chopped nuts, flake coconut, and melted butter, layerd in a cake pan, baked enough to melt the chocolate, refrigerated and cut in squares.

the key to good sales in wrapping and packaging so the items look fresh. Pack some in 6-packs, some individual wrap, some family size by the dozen. depends on the crowd. after church, people will by a dozen or a large item to take home to the family. At a fair or bazaar, or at school, individual items sell best.


What always sells first at my university is muddy buddies, aka puppy chow. Always mix peanut butter in with the chocolate…I was disappointed one time when the donator forgot the peanut butter…:slight_smile:
Also, feel free to add a little more chocolate chips to the mixture to cover the cereal more thoroughly…and use plenty of powdered sugar to dust every bit of the mixture. Makes it more delicious :smiley:


The 7-layer thing that starts with graham cracker crumbs and ends with chocolate chips, and somewhere in between is a can of condensed milk to act as glue in the oven is known as “magic squares” or “groovy bars”. Hippies will remember why and refrain from adding herbs to the layers.:wink:


Thanks for all your expertise!


We love 7 layer bars. I use choc chip cookie dough for the crust instead of graham which we bake first for about fifteen minutes. Then we pile on one cup each of coconut, walnuts, chocolate chips and either white or butterscotch chips. Then drizzle on one can of sweetened condensed milk. Bake until milk is bubbly and has some golden areas.

This recipe is not for the faint of heart. Super rich and sweet. It is awesome still warm with vanilla ice cream.


:heaven: Warm magic squares with vanilla ice cream is more decadent than “herbs”! And cookie dough would just send the whole thing to a different plane!!!

(We need a drooling emoticon!)


When I’m trying to bake something nice but have little or no time (which is most of the time), I buy a sugar cookie roll, dried cranberries and chopped walnuts. Just flatted the roll, add in a bunch of cranberries and walnuts…re-roll it and slice and bake. Easy, delicious, and no one will know that it only took a few minutes to make!


I second that. “Puppy Chow” in individual serving sizes and maybe a few “family size” bags is a great idea. They sell really well! Here’s a recipe if you need it.


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