Bake Sales Fall Victim to Push for Healthier Foods

from the NY Times:

Bake Sales Fall Victim to Push for Healthier Foods

PIEDMONT, Calif. — Tommy Cornelius and the other members of the Piedmont High School boys water polo team never expected to find themselves running through school in their Speedos to promote a bake sale across the street. But times have been tough since the school banned homemade brownies and cupcakes.

The old-fashioned school bake sale, once as American as apple pie, is fast becoming obsolete in California, a result of strict new state nutrition standards for public schools that regulate the types of food that can be sold to students. The guidelines were passed by lawmakers in 2005 and took effect in July 2007. They require that snacks sold during the school day contain no more than 35 percent sugar by weight and derive no more than 35 percent of their calories from fat and no more than 10 percent of their calories from saturated fat.

The Piedmont High water polo team falls woefully short of these standards, selling cupcakes, caramel apples and lemon bars off campus in a flagrant act of nutritional disobedience.

I don’t know whether to :rotfl: or :banghead:

interesting that the school is quite concerned with the content of snacks eaten on school property, but quite all right with the young men running through the halls in their speedos. wonder what test scores are like in this district?


On a scale of 0 to 100, it is ranked 99.

I think we should sell California to the highest bidder. This is just another form of control in our rush to a socialist state!

You know, the Mexican-American war was really just a robbery. A stronger, richer country (us) stole 60% of the territory of a weaker neighbor.
I’m getting an attack of conscience – how about we give back California? True, we’ve taken all the gold out, but it’s still worth a lot more than when we took it.

Perhaps it’s time to admit that the whole project was a great mistake :doh2: and apply to rejoin England, France, Spain, The Netherlands and Russia? :stretcher:

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