Bakery refuses to make cake supporting gay marriage [Northern Ireland]


From RTE:

A Christian bakery owner who refused to make a cake with a slogan supporting gay marriage has said he should be allowed to run his business according to his religious beliefs.

Ashers Baking Company could face legal action from an equality watchdog after declining an order for the cake with the Sesame Street puppets Bert and Ernie on top.

The gay rights activist customer who ordered the cake also wanted the logo of a campaign group called Queerspace included.

The bakery is based in Northern Ireland, the only part of the UK where same-sex marriage is not legal.

So here we go again. Compromise your beliefs or go out of business.


Side note: Aren’t Bert and Ernie registered trademarks of Children’s Television Workshop and/or Disney? Is this not a misuse of the trademark?


I support the bakery 110%!!!


That was my first thought. I’d be like, “I don’t have a license to reproduce those characters. Even if the sentiments on the cake weren’t against my beliefs, I don’t think I have a legal right to make that cake.”

I’m glad I’m not a baker. :frowning:



Some things are just simply ridiculous as is this; using Bert and Ernie as a symbol for gay marriage. Give me a break.


Revelation 13 becomes very interesting at this point.

Especially 17 And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. …

I understand the prophesy to have been fulfilled during the time of Nero, yet there is no indication this wouldn’t continue to be a process throughout the ages.

God bless.


Remember when the shocking news was that a bakery would bake a cake for a same sex ceremony?


Man, bakers have it tough.


I would agree to bake the cake, but only by telling the people buying it that all proceeds will be donated to organizations which support defending marriage as between only man and woman. If they still want me to make the cake, then there money will be used to attempt to defeat ssm or defend religious liberties. Or they will walk away :smiley:


Gee, a business won’t make you a cake. A CAKE. For a very specific thing. If you were gay, and wanted a cake for your mother’s birthday, that would be no problem. Consequently you can’t say you were “discriminated against on the basis of your sexuality”, really. What if it was a racist organization that wanted a cake with a burning cross and the KKK symbol? What if it was a satanic organization that wanted a cake with their symbols?


I have been pretty vocal about bakeries not denying service to people (ie making generic wedding cakes that anyone can order). It shouldn’t matter to the baker if it’s going to be eaten at a wedding, used in a cake eating contest, or thrown in the trash.

That said, this is crossing the line, when you require someone to make propaganda materials.


This takes the cake :slight_smile:


Those not familiar with the six counties should note this whole affair will have a certain rhetoric in that part of Ireland as homosexuality was decriminalised many years later there than the rest of the UK. The local firebrand religious leader Ian Paisley (who some here may be familiar with for his anti-Catholic speeches…) ran a campaign aimed as he put at saving Ulster from sodomy. There is a strong localised Bible belt area up there especially in some of the more rural towns and among the older Protestant part of the population and this kind of thing strikes me as a very cynical move to create propaganda and political argy bargy via a tempest in a teapot.

It should be noted the six counties is also the only area of the UK where abortion on demand is still illegal. That is one of the few things Catholics and Protestants have both voted on together over the years there whenever their have been moves or proposals to change that. Although sadly that is likely to change sooner or later just as in the 26 counties.


I would propose that, if he were forced by civil law to bake the cake, the principle of double effect would allow to him to do so provided he take steps to mitigate the damage caused by his participation in the event.

This would presumably include registering his protest in a visible manner – perhaps on the exterior of the boxes, boldly printed “This cake was sold only under threat of legal sanction by [responsible organization]; this bakery in no way supports or condones same-sex simulacra of ‘marriage’” – and including literature supporting traditional marriage in the order.


Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others…


That sounds rational to me. Is there anything that would prevent someone from doing that, both legally and morally?


So called marginalized groups in their desperation to shove their beliefs down our throats are trying to marginalize other people beliefs and not give them the same space & freedom, total contradiction. I hope the bakery sticks to it’s guns !


Sounds just about as ridiculous as calling homosexuality “gay”.


:wink: Just as in the US case, I support the baker’s right to not bake the cake (of course I hope it’s a sincere religious gesture based on conviction and not propaganda or bigotry). Taking a stand on this doesn’t make him Ian Paisley. That sounds like what the left will say to him. The Christian/Catholic Church is universal. I believe you have a right to practice your faith in the public sphere, i.e,. the demands of conscience can play a role in the social and business decisions you make.


As Chesterton said, ‘once you give up God, the state becomes your God’

and a replacement God needs a replacement theology which has turned out to be anti-discrimination laws.

I don’t think such laws are coherently sustainable in the longer term…

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