Bakery Sees Business Boom After "Gay Wedding Cake" Refusal

After media attention and death threats because the Colorado bakery refused to make a wedding cake for a gay wedding reception, this bakery reports they have many more customers now because of their stand against gay marriage. The owner he would would not refuse gay people service for something else, but he draws the line at catering to a same-sex marriage because he is a follower of Jesus Christ.

Similar to how Chick Fil A benefited business wise after the CEO spoke on marriage

I salute those businesses! :thumbsup:

Perhaps, but if so it is mainly a morale boost. A one-day, or even a one-week, surge in customers doesn’t do much for the survival of a business. Whether those persons are willing to patronize the business on a regular basis is what counts.

I hope these examples will give courage to other people who desire to do the same and not give in to the bullying of gay rights activists.

And the state of NY has made $259 million dollars from marriage license application fees, hotel rooms and other parts of the wedding industry since the adoption of gay marriage in that state. (cnn money,, NY Daily News, LA Times)

People will make money by accepting gay clients, and other people will make money by refusing them. It’s the American way-find your market and provide your goods and services.

Good for them. Gay rights activists need to remember that free speech goes both ways.

Good for him. If it happened here in the God-forsaken UK, the gaystapo would make sure that shop-owner was arrested.

I just wish other businesses were paying attention.

I think that’s just a sad commentary on the State of New York. Of course it’s possible for the state to make money on immoral activities of any sort, but it’s not a good reason for encouraging it.

I don’t think the gay-rights side is as upset about the stand this bakery and Chick-fil-a have taken as they are by the sheer numbers of ordinary people out there who support them.

Chick-fil-a wasn’t using August 1 as an attempt to make more money, but more to prove a point: Not everyone supports gay marriage. And I think the sheer numbers of people who showed up to prove that point is what has the other side hopping mad.

The American way and the conservative way - provide goods and services to a market via free enterprise!

Chick-fil-a was not even looking to prove any kind of point at all, Mike Huckabee (pres candidate) is the one who called for the Appreciation Day on August 1.

Billions is made from pornography. Something providing money does not mean it is a moral thing

How is it immoral to make money by providing hotel rooms and other parts of the wedding industry? Should hotel guests be required to take an oath that they are heterosexual, and if a couple, that they are married to one another? :shrug:

Can you please point out the post that has claimed it immoral to provide a hotel room?

“Something providing money does not mean it is a moral thing.” Post 14

I didn’t make a statement on morality-I made a statement on capitalism.

I agree, which is why lawsuits for government intervention have no place here. If he has suitors, he’ll have business. If not, he won’t.


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