Balance an equation

If one were to list the laws of science on one side of the equation, would it be possible to balance the equation?
In general: conservation laws, laws of classical mechanics, laws of gravitation and relativity, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, photonics, laws of quantum mechanics,
radiation laws, geophysical laws, laws of chemistry, and biological laws.

Also, what came first in these laws. With the laws of life, what came first, all life is based on cells?
All life has genes
All life occurs through biochemistry

I would assume the laws that govern life came last, at least cardinally.

This doesn’t seem like a complete question. What are you attempting to balance the one side against?

If one places all of the laws on one side, from where did they come?

What is on the other side of the equation that equals those laws/

x = all the laws!


Without knowing the intent and purpose of the laws, it would be impossible to balance.

Don’t be silly. Everyone knows the answer is 42.

Don’t some people say “x” = “nature”?

Don’t some people say “x” = nothingness?

Don’t some people say “x” = chance and mistakes?

Don’t some people say “x” = consciousness?

Don’t some people say “x” = logos?


Pax Christi!

I’m sure there’s a flaw in your reasoning somewhere.

There must be.

God bless.

Pax Christi!

I’m sure there’s a flaw in your reasoning somewhere.

There must be.

God bless.

You must be sincere in your inquiry; you asked twice.

No, not in the final analysis, it is accurate. I mean I wouldn’t use it as a premise for something like doing the math for building a house, ballistics, or stat analysis, but it is fundamentally correct as a symbol of totality. You will notice that it is a brief summation of Jim Bour’s list, except #3. But for way most people, only 100%, 42 will do as well. But that is fantasy. Jim and maybe a few others might get this. If yes, I can hear them laughing! I might add that the necessary correctness of 1=0 is not arrived at by reasoning.

I’m not sure I follow but you can make it mathmatically correct with an exclamation mark:


What does the 1 and 0 represent (i.e. numbers, truth values, etc.)

ALL = Nothing, Emptiness, Void. Meaningless words with no mental referents other than imaginary. The “!” doesn’t apply and would make the statement false. Thanks for your interest. I will leave it to you to state the implications.


Sorry, the ‘!’ was a bit of a math joke. The ‘!’ indicates a factorial, for example 3!=3x2x1=6. By definition, 0!=1 (I forget the reasoning behind it though).

Sorry, got that it was a joke, and seemed to recall that ! meant the equation is true if the other, or that, factor is not true. But now that you remind me, I remember. Thanks!

Why do you think that the laws of science, as a group, are a term in equation? There does not seem to anything intrinsic in them that would suggest that they are. Although individual laws are often expressed with equations, it is not evident the law itself is a term in an equation.

If speaking of the underlying organization and behavior of things and beings, then the order of occurrence would coincide with the temporal order of the arrival of the things and beings.

]Interesting. David, have you read A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilbur?

No I have not. I am currently work though a re-read of Lumen Gentium.

Read on! :slight_smile:

I’m not exactly sure what is being asked.

Scientific Laws describe what is observed. So, given a specific set of circumstances we expect something to happen. If it does not then something else is going on - the impact of another “law”.

Right here, we have the reality of our communicating. I’m listening to music and the joy it brings affects what I think/write. Anyway there is life/existence going on. All this is organized as one holy experience. I can start chopping it up with my intellect, seeing how the various components interplay to result in this miracle of the moment. Laws of physics, chemistry, biology, neurology, psychology, sociology - ways of understanding, emanating from our relationship with what is.

Truth may be found not so much in equations, but rather in communion with what is other.

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