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Does anyone have any good Catholic News sites that are balanced (meaning, just report the news and leave the editorial out of it). I used to like America, but it has been hard to read lately as some of the articles seem more like editorials and not just reporting the facts. Any help would be appreciated.

A “Catholic news site” is, by definition, going to be biased.

I honestly don’t know where one can get unbiased news these days. I jump from CNN to MSNBC to Fox News to PBS to the broadcast networks nightly news and hope I can dig a bit of truth out of the spin. I used to think that Al Jazeera America was pretty good, but it is no longer available.

If you happen across something that is actually spin-free, please let us know.

I don’t know what you mean by “balenced” in regards to Catholic news.

If you mean “balanced” as in "faithful to the magisterium then I would suggest the following:

The National Catholic Register -
EWTN News -
Catholic World Report (by Ignatius Press -
Catholic World News (from -
Catholic News Agency (

The above are very faithful in my opinion. Some comments by people in the comments section might not faithful, however the articles and blogs are faithful to the magisterium.

NOTE: I’m not applying that there are not others, however I believe that these are faithful.

BTW - I also think the Website Reviews at Catholic Culture is very helpful

God Bless

If you’re open to videos, there’s also

EWTN Nightly -
The World Over (weekly) -

I have been watching EWTN evening news at 9-930 pm and some at 10-11 but not sure which days. They mostly give the news without a slant either way. Kinda dry but preferable… sometimes…

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