Balancing Christian values & assertiveness? (Customer service)

Hi to everyone,

Recently I was charged by Apple company twice for an App that I only purchased twice.
The overcharge was for a large amount of close to $150.
Otherwise, if it was small I might have just let it go.

I rang their Customer support (Philippines), explained situation & she admitted I was charged twice. Then however, she simply stated “Apple will not be refunding you this time & is not obligated”.
When I asked exactly why, she kept repeating same thing like parrot & avoided the question of why. She provided a general link of their terms which also did not specifically address my situation.
When I politely asked to have the matter escalated & to speak to her supervisor, I was given a very obstinate attitude & she claimed she was the manager & there was no one higher.
Any further attempt, and she simply wouldn’t get anyone else on the phone.

I eventually hung up because I wasn’t prepared to go around with her in circles for the next half an hour.

I need to mention that there is NO other Apple number to contact in Australia & no way to speak to higher management.
So if there is an injustice, there is no one else to address it.

So basically, they keep my money that they overcharged & provide no explanation.:confounded:
The overcharge that I found was approx 10 months ago so maybe this this is why they didn’t want to refund and just didn’t want to say?
There are certain laws though in Australia about refunding & I have provided old refunds myself to customers who I have accidentally overcharged. It is just good business practice.

I feel on one hand, if have Christian & kind mentality, then I don’t get angry & think things like “this worker is probably poor” “just doing their job and isn’t their fault” “they are likely getting low pay & just trying to support their family etc” “they just saying what trained to say” - ie: I feel guilty if I express anger towards them.

On other hand, it is like you cannot receive achieve results unless you sometimes display anger and “assertiveness” with unreasonable people.
I think this maybe why men overall are paid higher then women because they can express angry things or demand high wages without guilt, fear of negative opinion etc…

It is sometimes needed this attitude for difficult call centre staff, tradies such as plumbers etc…

If I express “strong mind”/assert to Apple customer service should I feel guilty or not?

Do you ever had any experiences like this?

I would call back again and maybe you will get a different person. My husband always gets the name of the person he is speaking to in case he needs to call back and can mention who he spoke to.

There have been times when I have raised my voice because I was excited about what I was trying to explain. I usually apologize for it and they tell me it’s perfectly understandable that I am upset.

Try again and maybe it can get settled. It seems ridiculous that they acknowledged the overcharging but are refusing to to fix it.

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[quote=“Rozellelily, post:1, topic:588196”]
Recently I was charged by Apple company twice for an App that I only purchased twice.

??? Did you purchase the App twice?

Contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. They will refund the overcharge.


I agree, contact your credit card company.

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