Balancing the Prophet


What do you make of this? If a man is coming at you with a hammer, is it irrational to describe him as a man coming at you with a hammer?



It’s a bunch of bologna.

To me it seems like the author had her mind made up about the situation before she began to read any of the books she “discusses.”

I also love the numerous uncited, unsupported allusions to Mohammed’s gentleness and intelligence. What a load!

If she believes that Islam is so enlightened, and always has been, let her go live in Saudi Arabia with the truly enlightened. Of course, she’d better bring a male relative with her or she won’t be able to leave the house. Even if she does, she won’t be able to drive, she’ll have to veil herself…

I’m sure she’d love it.


I wonder if she’s read the parts of the Quran that calls for the death of apostates.

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