Bald men vs covid

Researchers are also beginning to identify new and peculiar symptoms of the virus including blistered feet and a loss of taste.

“The loss of smell can occur with quite a few viral infections that affect the upper respiratory tract and coronavirus as a group can be responsible,” Prof Senanayake said.
"It tends to effect the olfactory nerve, which is your nerve for smell.
“It can also cause a lot of inflammation in the nose and that can effect smell.”

I know that Prince Charles who had covid quite early on had recently reported that his sense of smell and taste hadn’t returned after he tested negative.

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The loss of taste and smell as a symptom has been known for quite some time, as has covid ‘toe’.
This virus just keeps on giving in the symptom and complication department.

We cant give medical advice on this forum so I wont comment on your suggested medications.

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