Ball State Univ (IN) - anyone familiar with Newman Center/Parish?

As you can tell, we’re college shopping. We visited Ball State and the campus looked nice (except for the co-ed dorms…), and had a bit of time to visit the Newman Center / Parish on campus. The parish is dedicated to the campus, which was very impressive. The Newman Center itself seemed very small and while they seem to talk about a lot of activities, there was hardly anyone there when we visited, so I’m wondering if ‘things just look good on paper’.
Does anyone have any experience here? If we don’t select a Catholic college then our next choice is to find a public one with an orthodox and active Newman Center. I’d appreciate any help if you’ve had experiences with their parish / Newman Center, or at Ball State in general.

Wow, I never expected something about Ball State’s Newman Center on here.
I am a student at Ball State and I can honestly say that our Newman Center is one of the best, if not the best in the state. I have talked to students from IU and Purdue and the general theme is that they are jealous of our close knit community here. Our newman center may be smaller but that gives the students a chance to develop deeper and more meaningful friendships in it rather than it being some sort of campus club. I could not recommend the BSU Newman Center enough. I will say, it has been difficult for some people to adjust to it but I would tell them to just push through and develop those friendships around here, I have found that with out Newman center there is no difference between Church friends and other friends, your college friends are your Newman friends, its great!
Overall, the BSU newman center provides a great environment to make friends and grow in your faith.

Not a student but St. Francis on campus is my parish. Wonderful place, very friendly and welcoming, our pastor is wonderful.

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