Ballerina with Alzheimer's hears swan lake, begins to dance


I saw this earlier. So touching.

My mother died of Alzheimer’s. Near the end she couldn’t reslly talk anymore but would try to sing along with music.

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Our Gregorian schola once sang a recital in a government-run nursing home.

Some of the patients with Alzheimer’s, some advanced, spontaneously sang along with us. They knew the words, and the melodies. A haunting and moving experience.

Side note, the home was a former seminary. The recital was in the historic chapel. It has been deconsecrated but remains a protected heritage site so the architecture remains intact. It is mainly used for concerts and recitals with emphasis on religious music. We’ve sung there a couple of times since but the complex is no longer a nursing home.

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I remember watching a special on Alzheimer’s patients and music. Music for some reason was something that Alzheimer’s patients, in the show at least, would respond to. They all wore headphones too, which I thought was interesting. Headphones will give off a slight electrical EMF, which I’ve wondered if it helpful for the patients or not.

That is beautiful.

Amazing what music does for us.

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