Ballet to relax at twilight and night

I know many classics to wake up to with my girls “peter and the wolf” but do any ballet enthusists know any evening exercises?

We normally do barr work, positons and reveles–straight …then bed.

Sleeping Beauty is too fast. And too much arabesque.

We do not dance on point (except me) lol.
Thank you!

I can still remember the barre music from my childhood ballet lessons.

Piano and very pretty.

But o never thought to ask if it even had a name.

The New York City ballet company has DVD of their ballet barre routine and it’s that kind of instrumental music—maybe look there?

I am seaching you tube …thank u so much.

Speaking of twilight-- edward or jacob…
Im an edward fan. If thisis not catholic discussion let me know.

This is Casual Discussion. You can discuss that here. Or in Popular Media.

I just finished my pilates and encourage women who want a wonen only strenous excercise to ballet.ii can do on point but it took years.
The bñefit is grace and excersise
Love ac
Kids are asleep yeah!

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Handel’s Messiah followed by the velvet underground
take it slow in opposition to the tempo
every 3rd or 4th beat
as you feel

Thank you… :heart:

. Tonight stretches. So lovely to end a lovely day. Tommorrow at 5.
Thank you so much.

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