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I just spent over an hour watching this live on Fox news. The boys brother reported he saw the 6 year old get into the balloon and the balloon take off. The balloon was being tracked by local news helicopters after being contacted by the family when the boy and balloon went missing.

The balloon is now down and the boy still hasn’t been found. Someone reported seeing something fall out of the balloon but the area where that was reported has been searched to no avail.

Let’s pray the boy is found safe.

A homemade balloon slowly descended in a Colorado field Thursday, but the fate of a 6-year-old boy believed to be inside was not known, authorities said.
The bizarre scene played out live on television and prompted fears that the flying saucer-shaped balloon would crash with the young child inside.
The child was identified as Falcon Heene, the son of a Colorado weather-chaser. The boy and his family appeared on the 100th episode of the ABC series “Wife Swap.”

Larimer County sheriff’s spokeswoman Eloise Campanella said the device had the potential to rise to 10,000 feet. Sheriff’s officials last saw the device floating south of Milliken, which is about 40 miles north of Denver. The craft was reportedly traveling at about 25 miles per hour.
The FAA cleared airspace near Denver International Airport.
“We were sitting eating, out looking where they normally shoot off hot air balloons. My husband said he saw something. It went over our rooftop. Then we saw the big round balloonish thing, it was spinning,” said neighbor Lisa Eklund.

This is a very sad situation, I hope he is found unhurt.

The sheriff’s department thinks he didn’t fall out of the balloon and is hiding somewhere in the family’s neighborhood.

“At this point, we are thinking that he did not fall out of the balloon and is somewhere on the ground,” Larimer County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Eloise Campanella said. “The basket itself was not breached. It does not look like he fell out of it, but again, this is all conjecture.”

Campanella said authorities are searching the neighborhood for the boy.

“I’m very confident we will find him. I think it’s a matter of him being a little scared,” she said. “Maybe he’s not ready to be found.”

I hope that is the case.

But I could easily see a small child (and even an adult) panicking in that situation and bailing out instead of riding it out.

News out here is that now there are witnesses saying they saw something fall out of the balloon. God forbid!!

Boy was found safe and sound at home. He had been hiding in a box in the attic. Thank God!! But i think h’e got some splaining to do.

I happened to check CNN earlier today to see how the market was doing, when I saw this story…while the balloon was still up in the air. Maybe because I have a little guy about the same age, it really affected me. I’m so relieved he is OK.

The news account I heard on the radio said that its not unusual for children his age to hide if they think people are searching for them. I guess they think they are in trouble and want to avoid getting punished.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a publicity stunt.

What a little brat. :mad:

I think a “trip to the woodshed” might be in order.

Thank God you’re alive!
I’m gonna kill you!!

Now the media are all over the parents, the cops want them to pay for the search and a lot of folks think it was all a publicity stunt. Nancy Grace is in full “What kind of parent . . .” mode.

I saw them on CNN right before the house for work and all three boys look like a handful. The middle one, who was not involved looks like, “Hmm, what can I do to get some of this attention?”

Apparently this is not your average next-door neighbor. They are amateur storm trackers (thus the ballon) and have been on WifeSwap (ugh!) twice.

Ooo, you are so grounded, little man! :mad:

If I had pulled that kind of stunt when I was a kid, I probably wouldn’t be here to post on this message board!

If you examine the parents, the nuts don’t fall far from the tree. The family is probably tickled about the notariety. Stupid is as stupid does. It’s sad these foolish pranks risk the lives of our good first responders who race to the scene to help.
Who keeps a balloon like that in their back yard? They need to be locked up for a good while. This family are nutballs and need be harshly scolded if not punished and billed for the expenses.

Now, I don’t get cable, and I didn’t see the kid interviewed. But, in my mind, this whole thing may have been contrived by the parents to gain attention. We all know parents are capable of worse, and from what I understand, they all made quite a spectacle of themselves this morning.

I wouldn’t put it past the cable networks to have at least jumped on this, knowing the kid was okay, if not more.:hmmm::whistle: They seemed to put a lot of attention on the “box” that fell, implying they didn’t know what was “in there”. It’s just suspicious, that’s all.

Here’s the interview:

Let me ask parents a question-your six year old is missing and may or may not be in a baloon carrening across northen Colorado . Your reaction is to

A. Hug each other for three hours looking teary eyed into TV cameras?
B. tear your house and then the neighborhood apart looking for your kid?

Things a hoax-they got to go on TV and am sure are already angling for their NEXT reality TV show gig.

Thanks for reinforcing our decision not to reorder cable, lemon.

I didn’t see the parents interviewed by the media until after the kid was found. And I watched it live as it happened on Fox. They had feed alternating from more than one local station following the balloon and a few reporters with audio interviews only, none of which had been able to interview the parents. This went on for over 2 hours. First time I saw the parents on TV was the Larry King interview after the child was found.

It seems MSNBC is running with the story the most. I was looking at the commentary on the Newsvine link at the bottom of the article. I must say that I’m not surprised at the reaction by both the media and commentors. The first thing the commentors say is, "Lock up the parents and turn the kids over to Child Protection Services [because the parents are too wierd/can’t keep an eye on their kid/etc.etc.etc.]). It’s not just MSNBC, but all over the place that I see these kinds of knee-jerk reactions. Then MSNBC puts words in the 6 year old’s mouth with the “for the show” comment. (people were even trying to read into the kid throwing up on live TV as meaning he was lying. I think he was home sick from school this week, and you could tell the kids didn’t look so well) Read in context, I think the kid meant the “Wife Swap” show. Oh, and last night, MSNBC (I only caught the end of it) had a guest who “knew the family well”. This “guest” was the swapped wife from the “Wife Swap” episode (the one who was all about safety).

I bet you that 50-60 years ago, the only attention would’ve been in local newspapers, and the rescuers would be happy to lend a hand, not look for ways to prosecute like they would today.

I thought of a funny little cartoon involving “Timmy” from Lassie. (if I could draw)

1959 version -

Dad: “What? Timmy’s in a well? Let’s get the neighbors to go help him!”
(Timmy is rescued)
Mayor: “Job well done! Here’s the key to the town!”
(Timmy gets to ride in a celebratory parade with the firemen on a firetruck).
(In the local news for maybe a day)

2009 version -

Dad: "What? Timmy’s in a well? Call for help!"
Rescuers or prosecutors: “Gee, this dad must be a bad father. He left a dangerous hole unattended. We need to prosecute the parents and take away ALL of their children! They must be bad parents! If it happened to one kid, it’ll happen to the others!”
(There’s a parade alright - in front of cameras at the local precint. Note the lack of neighbors helping out, and the community - read Internet - analyzing how these parents are so terrible and how “messed up” the kids must be before even reading a shred of evidence.).
(In the national news for weeks)

Ok, that mini-rant’s over. :smiley:

Personally, I think it’s much ado about almost nothing. The news stations should cover real news. Granted, somehow I can see this being modified into a movie (self-professed scientist dad makes strange floating invention, kid takes off on a magical journey).

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