Ballpark Mass

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Anyway, check this article out:

What do you guys think? I know BXVI said a Mass at a ballpark, but he’s Pope so it makes sense. What about this though? It sounds like this could go terribly wrong (by that I mean liturgical abuses).



It “may” go wrong, but why automatically look for the negative.

It “may” go totally right, and be a great tool for evangilization.

Personally, I like to look toward the positive, and give it a shot.

This is my opinion, but I wouldn’t like Mass outside of a church building. It seems kind of distracting and has a lack of reverence. I experienced a Mass in a pavilion a week ago, and it was hot, uncomfortable, and I wasn’t focused on the Mass, rather how uncomfortable it was. In a church, you have A/C, comfortable pews (for the most part), and not so many outside distractions that you have if you would be partaking in a ballpark Mass.

I see no problem with it if the priest is reverent and if he makes it perfectly clear who is and isn’t allowed to receive communion. I’ve been to a few masses at churches without A/C, some on a warship, some outside, etc.

A long time ago, some of the parishioners at the parish that would eventually become the Cathedral, had the bright idea to have a huge Mass for the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe out in the plaza (which was also being readied for the celebration after the Mass). They were preparing food booths and the like. I was dead-set against the idea because the plaza is also located in a heavy traffic area close to one of the international bridges and a lot of horn-honking is heard. The pastor was also against it, but, he told me that we should give in so that they will experience first-hand how bad of an idea it was.

Well, I tried my best to create a sanctuary-like atmosphere for the kiosk and the pastor did his best to be reverent (complete with incense), but, it was hard to have any kind of sacred experience with cars driving by, tractor-trailer rigs honking their horns in the back and the smell of fajitas wafting all over the place (competing with the incense :eek:). The chairs were sinking into the grass and it was just a really bad experience. The following year, the Mass moved back into the church.

It is not my diocese, I am not the bishop, so it is not my call

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