Ballwin MO officer 'fighting for his life' after shooting; suspect charged


Ballwin officer ‘fighting for his life’ after shooting; suspect charged

BALLWIN • A Ballwin police officer was in critical condition after he was shot in the neck during a traffic stop late Friday morning, police said.

The officer had stopped the car for speeding on northbound New Ballwin Road about 11 a.m., police said. As the officer went back to his car, the driver got out, “advanced quickly” and fired three shots at the officer, police said.

Said St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar: “Make no mistake, we believe that Ballwin officer was ambushed.”

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch agreed.

“It was clearly an ambush, an attack,” he said. “There was no confrontation, no argument, no nothing.”"…

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Please pray for this officer and his family. The second anniversary of Michael Brown’s shooting is quickly approaching, so the general area of St. Louis could use prayers too. Dallas needs prayers. Baton Rouge too. Minneapolis too. All police officers and their families need our prayer and support. All of America needs prayers. Lord help us all.


And let’s not ignore the racially motivated shootings in Bristol. Tennessee


Also, another in Georgia. Prayers for all, please.

"Authorities: 911 caller ambushed, shot officer in Georgia

VALDOSTA, Ga. (AP) — A man who called 911 to report a car break-in Friday ambushed a south Georgia police officer dispatched to the scene, sparking a shootout in which both the officer and suspect were wounded, authorities said. Both are expected to survive."…

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Authorities: 911 caller ambushed, shot officer in Georgia


Praying for the recovery of this officer and prayers for his family.
The shooter was apprehended then?


we need to be praying for all police officers now. it does sound like there is a war on police.


Yes. He is a violent criminal who should not have been out of prison. A too lenient judge put him back on the street.


We are certainly living in frightening times. I fear more chaos awaits the nation. It is tragic and horrific. Heaven help us.




To me, this is an example of police behaving properly. They did not act like a jury and executioner, they captured the suspect alive so he can stand trial.

Kudos to them for letting training overcome emotion.


In a news article dated 50 minutes ago, the St. Louis-Post Dispatch reported that the Ballwin police officer is still in critical condition, but he is stable.


This happened in my neighborhood. The street they were on has a middle school, a busy playground, a daycare, a public elementary school, and a Catholic church with a very large dayschool all within an mile has been known as a “speed trap” for at least two decades, and this guy was speeding right through. Most people think he was trying to get pulled over on purpose so he could shoot the officer. They held a public rosary at the Church this morning to pray for peace. According to the news, the officer is in stable condition but is fighting for his life. :shrug: Whatever those two things mean when used together.


It would be so nice if people would quit seeking revenge. Have we forgotten the ONE who says that veageance is His and He will repay?





Praying for his health & recovery.


I do get the feeling some people think there will only be “justice” once the tally of dead police this year, is exactly equal to the tally of dead suspects shot by police. :frowning:

This, again, is where the rhetoric of collective guilt gets us.


Personally, I think justice only occurs when a jury makes a decision.


I would not necessarily agree. If someone was killed by the police, or any citizen, in order to prevent a forcible felony (such as to prevent them from being murdered) I would consider that justice.

Would they probably get prison time instead of death for the same crime if they were successful? Sure. But is it not more just, at least in comparison, for the offender to be stopped from committing the crime in the first place? At least then the only one to suffer is the perpetrator of the crime. Excluding the psychological suffering most feel when they are forced to take another’s life even in the most righteous circumstances.

In circumstances like this I suppose it would come down to what was the most just at the time. Most people live in a world where reasonably people would stop committing a crime when a gun is pointed at them. Better to do some jail time and have another chance at life. However some violent criminals are not like that and will not stop assaulting you or destroying your life until they are forcibly stopped themselves. It is a sad and difficult truth, especially for us Christians who are called to look for the best in people, but it is nevertheless a truth.


So sad. Praying!


The officer in the Ballwin ambush has been identified as Officer Michael Flamion, so we can now pray for him by name. Let us also continue to support and pray for the safety of all police officers who serve and protect us throughout our nation.

"Ballwin officer wounded in attack during traffic stop identified

BALLWIN • The Ballwin police officer shot in the neck at a traffic stop Friday morning has been identified as Michael Flamion, a member of the force since December 2014."…

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From what I’ve heard (unofficial gossip around the local convenience store) Officer Flamion is expected to survive with significant paralysis. He’s at one of the best hospitals in the country for this condition. My brother was taken there when his spine was severed because of their excellent spinal injury rehab center.

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