Baltimore police officer found not guilty in Freddie Gray’s death


Looks like a black man really can get justice in Baltimore.


What about Freddie Gray?


Looks like he can’t.


What would justice for Freddie Gray look like? Caesar Goodson being convicted even though he committed no crime?




$6.4 million might be considered by some to be a modicum of “justice”.


The state made lots of wild claims they couldn’t prove.

Judge rejects allegation that Officer Goodson intentionally gave Gray a ‘rough ride’

Judge Williams told the packed courtroom that he rejected prosecutors’ assertion that Officer Goodson intentionally gave Mr. Gray a “rough ride,” calling that an “inflammatory” term not to be “taken lightly.” He said, “The court finds that there is insufficient evidence that the defendant gave or intended to give Mr. Gray a rough ride.”

Judge Williams also said prosecutors failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Officer Goodson knew or should have known Mr. Gray was in medical distress before the van reached the Western District police station after making five earlier stops.

And the judge said Officer Goodson’s failure to secure Mr. Gray with a seat belt early in the van ride was reasonable given his “belligerent” behavior and assessments of other officers who placed Mr. Gray in the van on his stomach while handcuffed and shackled. Judge Williams said the fourth stop was the only time the state proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Officer Goodson failed in his duty to seat belt Mr. Gray. His failure to buckle him then, when Mr. Gray was calm and lethargic, may have been a “mistake” the judge said, but it wasn’t a crime.


He was found not guilty because of insufficient evidence.

“The failure to seat-belt may have been a mistake or it may have been bad judgment, but without showing more than has been presented to the court concerning the failure to seat-belt and the surrounding circumstances, the state has failed to meet its burden to show that the actions of the defendant rose above mere civil negligence,” [Judge Barry] Williams said.

The judge repeatedly mentioned the higher burden to prove criminal negligence, compared to civil negligence.

Is it possible to sue Goodson for negligence? Or does he have some kind of immunity for his official actions as a police officer?


A civil suit was already filed and settled. See my post above.

See also:

I thought this was common knowledge. $6.4 million paid.


I thought this was common knowledge. $6.4 million paid.

I thought so but what comes to mind is the prosecutor. Thats the cost of 3 trials where she overestimated her case and couldn’t prove it. This judge, as it was trial by judge, wrote a in depth response to this case and was imo disturbed by the DAs thinking and ability to prepare a case. She should cut the other people loose and save this city money and let this place heal.


Thank you for the link. In the settlement the City of Baltimore accepted all civil liability for the arrest and death of Gray, while not acknowledging any wrong doing by the police.

I guess that eliminates a civil lawsuit against the individual cops.


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