Baltimore police stopped noticing crime after Freddie Gray's death. A wave of killings followed


It seems “Black Lives” don’t really matter all that much…


Think that’s bad look what’s happening in Chicago.


Why would we think that anybody’s life matters to a government bureaucrat?


Obviously the movement to create the impression of structured widespread white racism among the police force has had the affect of killing many more blacks than the very small number of anti-black police officers.

For someone not wanting to see any deaths, blacks or otherwise, it is appropriate that both groups need to be criticised in proportion to their affect.


Well, a large number of people in Baltimore very vocally called for the police to get out of their neighborhoods after Freddie Gray’s death. They got exactly what they asked for.


So, police can’t be expected to lawfully do their jobs. Our choices are to let them assault and murder suspects or they won’t actually try to stop crime. Sounds like we need some new police to me.


Is it necessary to go over the same ground. The police are not hired to stop crime, protect citizens or prevent murder, They are to collect evidence and if a crime is committed to arrest perpetrators. Now if the community doesn’t want the cops in their neighborhood, the cops by obliging and respecting the community’s wishes will have some difficulty in performing their jobs. But the politicians agreeing with the community must appreciate the efforts of the Police to oblige. So, what is the problem. The community is getting what it wants very hard and very sad.


… not when someone is only interested in political points.

Same problem in Chicago:


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