Baltimore Priest Who Served in Iraq Ready to Become a Bishop

On one of the bloodiest days of the Iraq War – April 9, 2004 – Father F. Richard Spencer became the link between this world and the next for many of the mortally wounded.


Reminds me of Fr. Vincent Cappodano, except Fr. Spencer made it home. What a wonderful priest. God bless him for being their for our fighting men and women.

God bless all our chaplains.
Fr Spencer certainly sounds uniquely qualified, going from Catholic Worker to Army chaplain to bishop. Ad multos annos!

What a fascinating person. :slight_smile:

First an army officer for eight years, then a Franciscan brother involved in the Catholic Worker movement, then a diocesan priest, then a military chaplain serving in a war zone, and now a military bishop… the first bishop in the US military who has access to enter war zones.

And one of his brothers is also a priest in the US military!

The US has had a long running shortage of priest willing or able to serve in the Military Archdiocese. I hope Bishop Spencer’s example will convince more priests to consider doing so.

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