Ban Celeb Marrianges


Given the fact celebs do adultry despite their marriage, then why not ban celeb marriages altogether?


If they did ban celeb marriages, the ACLU would have a field day.


On a practical level, how would you define ‘celebrity’ so that those who aren’t supposed to get married know precisely who they are?

Secondly, sad to say but your average celebrity probably doesn’t adulterate much more than your average married person - there’s just more speculation and more investigation into their love lives.




Not from what the news tell me and my buddies. Is there proof?


American Civil Liberties Union. Vultures for people who feel their rights are being violated.


What’s wrong with that?


Nothing i guess. But what is so good about them?


I pretty much just ignore Hollywood and its so-called celebrities – and I am in Los Angeles – can be tough to do but I just really don’t have much interest in what they do or say and I think most of the movies they make are a waste of money (the money used to make them and to see them) and time (if I was enough of a sucker to go see one.)


I noticed on another thread about ‘being too far gone’, you were quite harsh in your postings. Coupled with this silly post about banning marriages among a certain group of people, and seeing your replies, I have to ask… what is your point? What is your purpose?


To clean up the world for Jesus’ sake. No one wants to burn in hell, 'y know.


Given that 50% of marriages end in divorce–that must be a pretty definition of “celebrity” you’re using.


I believe Catholic “celebs” enjoy the same rights to the Sacraments that the rest of us.

50% of Catholic marriages end in divorce. Should we not be allowed to marry?



Ordinary people can marry, but NOT celebs.


Are you serious?

You see no value in an organization that protects civil rights?

Are you “okay” with racial, sexual, ethnic and religious discrimination?


And who defines “celeb”? you?


The ACLU is a wicked little puppet of Satan.


Bwahahahaha!!! :rotfl: The next time Planned Parenthood objects to your Church youth group holding a prayer vigil at its local affiliate you’ll be screamin’ for the ACLU to help!!


Nah, we’ll just call the Thomas More Law Center, or the ACLJ.
Not some anti-Christian organization.


A monsignor I know (who happens to be our archdiocesan chaplain for both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts) has this to say about the ACLU:

“We love the ACLU because they challenge us to come up with creative ways to solve problems.”

“God love the ACLU… because no one else does.”

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