Ban On Unmarried Adoptions On Ark. Ballot

We do not need an amendment for this. :rolleyes:

Thank God there are still some people who are willing to stand up against the demonic onslaught of the homocrats and the sodomites.

We need more people like these.!!

I hope and pray that his ammendment passes, and that the entire USA adopts this moral and righteous plan.

I pray that this law passes. Children need a mother and a father.

The really sad thing is that this actually needs to be made a law. :frowning:

Are you seriously suggesting that it is better for a child to be shunted from one foster home to another than to be adopted by a single person who could provide a loving, stable home?! :eek:

i dont think this law was written to stop single parent adoptions, but rather to stop gay adoptions since legally in that state they can’t be married. so i like the law every child needs and Deserves a mother and a father.

i think that if someones spouse dies then the state should take the child until the other child until they can find a new husband/wife.

if the mother and grandmother were to raise the child it would be almost like two lesbians raising the child.

an abomination.

Very troubling response. I hope you weren’t serious because when a parent dies the child needs the remaining parent even more. There is no justification, outside of abuse, to snatch the child away from the surviving spouse because some think single parenting is wrong. When a parent dies it is by God’s design and it is not to us to break up the remaining family.:tsktsk:

not sure but i am leaning towards it was sarcasm, likely directed at me. could be wrong, but i doubt anyone not from westborough could actually think like that.

the law is a bad idea, although I’m sure the people who wrote have their hearts in the right spot.

Instead, there should be a hierarchy of preferential treatment when deciding on adoption. First priority should always go to a loving mother and father. If child cannot be adopted to a mother & father, then a loving single parent would be next best choice. I don’t think a child spending their entire life in an orphanage or foster home is a good idea.

Lastly, regarding the comment that the intent of the law may be to stop gay adoptions. I really struggle with this one, as I have heard of instances where a gay couple adopts a very hard to place child. Is it better to let this child stay in state custody?

Pope John Paul II described gay adoption as “doing violence” to a child. Measures that seek to prevent a homosexual “couple” from adopting a child are entirely appropriate.

As a single person, I am going through the process of possibly adopting a child. As a single man, there are some roadblocks, but I feel that a child would be better off with a single loving parent than never really belonging to a family at all. I can understand that this law is an attempt to block gay adoptions, but single people shouldn’t become collateral casualties from this law.

A single person should be the adoptive parent of last resort. Children are not pets nor are they fashion accessories.

Children need balance. And parents need relief. Just as any single mother.

Go get married before adopting a child.

What an ignorant and offensive response.
One of my best friends growing up was adopted by a single Catholic woman . It was probably the best thing that ever happened to her.

You seriously think that allowing a child to stay in state custody with no sense of belonging, and certainly no spritual guidance is better than a single devoted Catholic person?

This law does not stop a single person from being a foster parent or to adopt. It just doesn’t allow someone that has a live in sexual partner to do the same. Otherwise shacking up is not a stable enviroment, thus not good for the child.

Here read the act

Couldn’t agree with you more Jim and the law wouldn’t allow that to happen.

Go get married before adopting a child.

Personally, I think you may want to swim the Tiber again.

Just my opinion,


Seeing a zoroastrian saying that I take it you are joking right?:shrug: Humor lessons are the next forum over. This is Catholic Answers Forums not the Dancing Clowns Forums.:rolleyes:

It is extremely sad–not to mention slightly disturbing-- that many people seem to think gay men and women cannot be loving parents. Furthermore, even if the law passes, it would be patently unconstitutional and a violation of the equal protection clause. I would like to see unbiased evidenced documenting that gay men and women cannot be good parents. The evidence is actually in the other direction. The APA has no problem with it. Why would anyone want to deny a kid a loving home? A single parent, or a gay couple would surely be a better substitute than multiple foster homes with a lack of attention to a child’s upbringing.


Seeing a zoroastrian saying that I take it you are joking right? Humor lessons are the next forum over. This is Catholic Answers Forums not the Dancing Clowns Forums.

Indeed, this was one of the most offensive, and remarkably…I’ll stop now.


mattt i dont think the law would be unconstitional, because it never mentions gays. the gay idea is just a theory as to tthe motives, and there is federal precedent for laws giving favorable treatment to married couples.

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