Ban On Unmarried Adoptions On Ark. Ballot

I am pleased you were so offended. :stuck_out_tongue:

How typical.

This post is an excellent example of intellectual dishonesty and malicious distortion.

I said

A single person should be the adoptive parent of last resort.

And from this, the poster made her claims. Clearly she wants to be offended and is just looking for something to offend her. She see a perfectly sensible and clearly written statement and chooses to distort it just for the purpose of provoking an angry response.

Her post is so intellectually dishonest that it is simply impossible to for any reasonable person to draw the conclusions she did from what I wrote.

So what conclusion can we draw from her post? mommamia is not a reasonable person and does not deserve attention and is unable to intelligently discuss an issue without lying, distorting and playing the victim.

How sad for her.

Indeed. I have a friend, middle aged, retired military, financially secure, straight - just never married, who adopted two sisters a few years ago. They’d been in foster care (better than nothing, but sometimes only barely) after their parents abused and neglected them. They now have a loving mom and family (her extended family). She is an avid Christian (not Catholic) and they are very involved in church actitives. They are loved and well cared for. This law would have left these kids in the foster system. Something wrong somewhere. :mad:

Dude, you are so way out of line here it is impossible to describe.

Personal insult and personal attacks are forbidden on this forum. If you do not like what I say, then discus what I say. When you attack me or call my faith into question, you have stepped over a very serious line.

In this case, yo have actually judged the state of my soul and said that I am outside the Church. Judging the state of a person’s soul is a grave sin.

You have been reported top the moderators.

Stay away from me. For good.

Stay away from me. For good.

Consider it done.


I agree with John. Anyone who seriously believes that single people cannot be good parents and should get married before adoption is allowed clearly does not have a very good grip on his or her new Catholic faith. By placing in your signature line information indicating that you are a very new convert, you open yourself up to questions which may not arise without said information. Go ahead, report me as well.


Talk about the issues, not each other. I had to delete a few posts. If you have questions, review the Rules of the Road forum.

Unless you have worked in the child abuse/foster care business, you really can’t imagine what limits on foster family.adoptive homes will have on children.
A permanent home where the child will not be abused or neglected is very hard to find for any child. Many children never get one, ever. A coupe who is gay is still acouple who go through the clearing process and training. It’s still a couple who has to do months of supervision with the child, supervision by the Children’s Services Agency. It still has to go before a court multiple times.
Adoption limits only hurt needy children.
I am speaking as a former (8 years) child abuse investigator.

From the article it self:

The ballot measure would take the place of a state policy that currently bars unmarried couples living together from serving as foster parents.

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel opposes the proposed initiated act but said last week that he was confident it could survive a legal challenge.

i am confused how the majority of the debate here is focused on gays. shouldnt it be what is best for the child. on a catholic forum id think the opinion would support the church. the church only wants married people to have children. only married people are to engage in acts of precreaction and then not to get divorced. admittedly thats not the main focus of those rules but it does support the idea that children do best with a mother and father. Jesus loved children i doubt He’d let His church set up a system that didnt try to put them in the best possible circumstance.

I think two things came into play. The article’s first two paragraphs were about the effect of the proposed law on homosexuals. And homosexuality, like abortion, is a hot button issue here at CAF.

on a catholic forum id think the opinion would support the church.

A significant number of Catholics disagree with the Church on a number of social issues. Besides, some of the forum members are not Catholic, such as the Zoroastrian who posted earlier in this thread. You can find all kinds of people through teh intertubes! :o

Jesus loved children i doubt He’d let His church set up a system that didnt try to put them in the best possible circumstance.

A two parent family is best, but as others have mentioned its not always possible. The system we have currently is overloaded and doesn’t work well. I think the new restrictions may make things better for a handful of kids, but make conditions worse for others.

im gonna avoid all the quotes and stuff but dale

  1. i agree with almost all your last post
  2. my only difference is that this law would make things worse for some as an issue-every law we pass, except a total bad on all abortions will make some things worse.

i want to apologize for my previous stupid post in this thread, i had a bad week.

sorry for dropping off the deep end, im better now. lol

I’ve worked in child welfare for years:

  1. Adoption by homosexual couples does not harm a child or make a child homosexual. This has been supported by research on children adopted by homosexuals.

  2. Any adoption is far superior to a life of shuttling between foster homes.

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