Ban The Person Above You XXXI: My Number


Banned because #31 was my number when I played for the Pittsburgh Steelwheelers. :wheelchair: :basketball:


Banned for reminding me about ice cream. :ice_cream:


Banned because Baskin-Robbins didn’t even occur to me. We don’t have one in Morgantown.


Banned for further reminding me that ours closed awhile ago.


Banned because you might be a redneck if your favorite ice cream shop also sells guns and fishing gear. (Mountaineer Ice Cream on US Rt. 119 here in Morgantown does.)


Banned for not having to drive a fair distance to Cabela’s to buy a knife.


Banned because the nearest Cabela’s (that I know of) is an hour and a half away, near Wheeling.


Banned for clearly not being a regular patron of Cabelas.


Banned for being correct. In fact, I don’t even think I’ve ever been in a Cabela’s.


Banned for being a unique and wonderful individual! So there.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Banned because in our neck of the woods that gets you a hearty “BLESS YUR HEART!”


Banned for living in the woods :evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree:


Banned for pointing out I may or may live on a dirt road.


Banned for Brooks & Dunn:


Banned for promoting Brooks and Dunn, YIKES!


Banned for disliking Country Music.


Banned for an affront on the Music-Listening public. :rofl:


Banned because I’m listening to Mozart at the moment.


Banned because someone doesn’t merely listen to Mozart. You experience it.


Banned for experiencing Mozart :notes:

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