Ban The Person Above You XXXI: My Number


Banned because now I feel so bad for my egregious error. sniff


Banned for not sounding like an Ent.


Banned for orc mischief.


Banned for not serving second breakfast.


Banned for not serving Elevenses.



Banned because we hates the nasty hobbitses.


Banned because it burns us, precious.


Banned to keep the Lord of the Rings posts going.


Banned for lighting the beacons.


Banned because they killed the Lidless Eye in the Lego Batman movie! I was so upset!


Banned because it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.


Banned because the three Weird Sisters from Macbeth only one eye between the three of them.

“Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair.”


Banned because the bad guys get the great names like Lord Foul and Darth Sidious, and the good guys are stuck with names like Frodo and Pug.


Banned for inducing me to look up the character Pug.


Banned because it took me more than one google search to find it. Stupid dogs.


Banned for not providing a link.


You’re all banned for not having read Raymond E. Feist.


Banned for being Feisty.


Banned for making me post a cute picture!


Banned for posting a pic and not a meme.


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