Ban The Person Above You XXXI: My Number


Banned for being so sweet about it.



Banned because I give up sweets for Lent.


Banned because it’s not even close to Lent.



Banned because The Police are yummylicious!!!


Banned for mentioning Lent. And it’s not even Advent yet.


Banned for banning the wrong offender, LOL


Banned for not realizing we are all one big, happy group! (we are all responsible, ban one, ban all!)


Banned for promoting communism.


Banned because there’s never been any reason.


Banned for bringing politics into the ban room.


Who said anything about the bathroom? The baño???

I had no idea you were bi-lingual amigo!


Banned for confusing me on who to ban. Mr. Zoon or Pianistclare?


Mr Zoon? Is he a loon? Should I swoon? Or Spoon?

Not pianistclare, no way, no how. Not then, not now. :rofl:


Banned for not banning.


Banned for promoting discourse.


I crack myself up.


@discobot fortune – Should I ban pianistclare for that?


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


My reply is heqq no. Banned for bring the bot into it.


Okay. I will ban Mr. Zoom for posting the Head East video from a movie soundtrack (Even More Dazed and Confused) rather than the original work.


Banned for being pedantic.

(Just wanted to use that big word) kthnx

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