Ban The Person Above You XXXI: My Number


Banned for utilizing heaven knows WHAT to post here. YIKES!


I’m posting with my microwave oven.

Y’all are banned for making me burn my popcorn.


Banned for not sharing buttered popcorn.


Banned because they took away the popcorn emoji.


BAnned for untruths. :popcorn:


@pianistclare banned for beating me to the punch.


Banned for hinting around that there is punch. I’d like mine spiked, thanks,


Banned for not sharing the punch. All this popcorn makes me thirsty.


Banned because I have hard apple cider. :apple: :beers:


Banned for stealing a line from Seinfeld: THESE PRETZELS MAKE ME THIRSTY


Banned because…I BEG YOUR PARDON??? WHAT???


There is no pardon here, only banning.


Banned for suggesting we go with capital punishment.
Hard cider notwithstanding.


I suggest we use tickling as the normal form of punishment here.
Banned for not thinking of that.


Banned for tickling without thinking.


Banned as this is a banning thread, not a tickling thread.


Banned because with all these banns, someone ought to be getting married.


Banned for suggesting we tickle each other into nupitals.
And yes, I spelled that oddly on purpose.


Banned for purposely spelling oddly.


Banned for failing to see the humor in my nupitals.

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