Ban The Person Above You XXXI: My Number


Alexa, ban pianistclare for talking to a machine.


Banned for asking Alexa to do your banning for you.


Banned for mentioning Alexa.


Banned because @pianistclare started it.


Banned because actually, whoever made it for Amazon started it. “SIRIIIIIIIIIII!”


Banned for mentioning that “other woman” in the device. She’s very divisive.


Banned because we don’t like divisiveness. :smiley:


Banned because in the famous words of Rodney King, “why can’t we all just get along?”


No need to withdraw your post, MrZoom. I think it was wonderful.Refuse to ban because the post you withdrew was very good and needs to be put back up.


Unbanned for the affirmation. I withdrew the delete request.


Banned because I have no idea what just happened there.


Banned for sleeping on the job.:sleeping:


Banned because today is my day off!


Banned because in the aftermath of the storm in New England, Halloween Trick-or-Treat in my town has been postponed. Boo you later!


Banned, because I don’t scare easily



Banned because we don’t celebrate Halloween. But we do plan to have yummies tomorrow.


Banned because there’s frost on the pumpkin, and I just like saying that, and pumpkins are everywhere because it’s Halloween. :fleur_de_lis::fleur_de_lis::fleur_de_lis::fleur_de_lis::fleur_de_lis::fleur_de_lis:


Banned because we had frost this morning and will have more tomorrow.


Thanks, I like you too, :rofl:


Banned for not banning.

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