Ban The Person Above You XXXI: My Number


Banned because I can’t peep like a chick. But I can peep like a sheep.


Banned for not baaaaaa-ing like a sheep.


Banned because I am buying a condo … finally moving out of the apartment that I have lived in for almost 23 years.



Banned because I’m having eggnog.


Banned for drinking eggnog before Thanksgiving.


Banned because I’m still waiting for Christmas music to come on the radio.


Banned because you need to buy the Moody Blues Christmas CD.


Banned because I’m moody.


Hi, moody. You’re banned.


Banned because I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to ban someone. Almost two weeks recovery shot…:chart_with_downwards_trend:


Banned for missing 2 weeks of banning opportunities.


i’m probably banned because I have utterly no idea what is going on in this thread


Yep. You’ve got the idea. And now you are BANNED!!!:hugs:


Banned to save this thread from being locked.


Banned for not taking advantage of Cyber Monday deals.


Banned because it’s Tuesday.


Banned because it is now Wednesday.


Banned because I miss Matt Lauer.:sob::sob::sob:


All y’all are hereby BANNED!



Banned for running a protection racket.

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