Banishing the Cross: The Emergence of a Mormon Taboo

I’ve posted here on this topic in the past, and some participants have expressed interest in my research. Well, my book is finally out. :slight_smile: You can find it on Amazon at the following link: Please spread the word!! --Mike Reed

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

See the following at Banishing the Cross

“According to available evidence, the cross taboo was more of a late development in Mormon history, emerging at the grass-roots level around the turn of the twentieth century, later being institutionalized in the 1950s under the direction of Prophet David O. McKay, on the grounds that displaying the cross was a Catholic form of worship.”

In view that Mormons have “institutionalized” denying the Cross because it is a Catholic form of worship, what do Mormon military chaplains display on their lapels? When I was a Marine, I never saw or even heard of a Mormon chaplain. I recall our Navy chaplains with either a Cross or a Star of David.

There will be a cross on the LDS Rome temple when it’s complete.

Wow. And why do you suppose they would do that? I have my own opinion but I probably should bite my tongue at this point.

Thanks, Marie, for the revelation.

LDS President Monson must have had a little chat with God up on the planet Kolob . . . or does God come down to Salt Lake City? . . . about using a Cross atop an LDS temple in Rome. Apparently God said OK, revoking President McKay’s dictum banning the Cross because it is a symbol of the Catholic Church.

This scenario is similar to a time back in the 70’s when BYU’s masterful football coach, LaVell Edwards, needed black kids to bolster his teams, and huddled with President Lee to ask God to allow blacks to become “priests” . . . banned at that time . . . which would enhance his recruiting program (or so the story goes). Apparently God said OK.

When I was living in Vista, CA, 25 years ago, two young, bright-eyed, LDS missionaries came to my door wearing Roman collars. This must have been some sort of trial tactic because I haven’t seen it since.

The upshot is that the LDS cult will resort to just about any canard or hoax to lure the unsuspecting and unedified into its fold. A Cross on top of an LDS temple in Rome, instead of a golden “Angel Moroni” tooting his horn, is just another example of its devious trickery…

Just one component of the wolf’s sheep suit.

Exactly. They will probably hand out free copies of the Douay-Rheims Bible as well.

I would like to add that this chicanery appears to carry over into LDS politilcal aspirations.
Matthew 7:15

Where have you seen that the Rome temple will have a cross on top instead of the angel Moroni statue?

See Marie5890, post #5. She is an expert Mormonologist.

Marie can correct me, but I think she is referring to the architectural drawing that shows a cross on the doors. Moroni is still blowing his horn up top…no cross there.

Rebecca is correct.

I never claimed that a cross was replacing Moroni…Jack did his own projection on that…

Jack, are you aiming to be offensive and disrespectful?

Just wondering.

Marie, absolutely not! I have found that you, RebeccaJ, and Porknpie are very knowledgeable regarding the LDS cult, hence, “expert Mormonologists”. I referred to your post that there would be a Cross on the LDS temple in Rome, and took it as gospel. I sincerely apologize if I hurt your feelings. I think this is the second time I have apologiized to you in the past week.

Jack, your first comment is in poor form :-/ can you imagine how someone from the LDS church would feel about Catholics If they read your post and noted your religion? Vinegar vs honey. Vitriol vs love.

The LDS Church is trying to demonstrate their Christianity through using a well-recognized Christian symbol. My brother actually did the same thing- wore a cross- when he went to events where he thought religion would come up. I figure their embracing the cross- even if for less honest reasons- is a good thing. Any step toward becoming more closely related with the Christian world is progress.

Rebecca is the teacher. :bowdown:

I’m only a student. I travel a bit to SLC and Ogden and have had a chance to get to know a few LDS faithful. I work with some wonderful people there which is what drives my interest in learning more but also sharing my faith. I do tell them though that it’s a real shame that they can’t drink any coffee. :coffeeread:

whoa. I just share my experience.

I’m the one who doesn’t know anything. The arrested soul that’s still catching up.

They can drink decaf, but no drinks with caffein. Before decaf came along they drank Postum made from wheat and malt and tastes like it’s made from wheat and malt. Absolutrely no alcoholic beverages. Not even communion wine. That, of course, is a joke. I know all this useless information because I once lived in a predominately LDS community in Arizona and my business partner was a Mormon VIP who never stopped telling me what a sorry lot we Catholics are.

I also beg Marie’s forgiveness. I thought when she said the LDS temple in Rome had a Cross on it I thought she meant on top like Christian churches.

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