Banks: National or local


Which banks do yall prefer? National? or Local?


I kind of like national banks for the convenience.

But I’m more a fan of credit unions


There is something to be said for small banks. I knew of a guy who, whenever he moved to a new town, put all of his money in the smallest bank in town. And he had a pretty large account. In a big bank, he would be just another account. In a small bank, all the tellers knew his name.


I voted national - but I love local. With the web you can have both!

check out our Catholic Credit Union:

This is a great place to deposit money as you know it will NOT go to morally questionable causes or organizations.


Our town only has local banks so we’d have to drive an hour and a half to get to a national chain bank.


in our former town there are no more local banks, even the S&Ls have been consolidated or bought out by large state or national institutions.

here there are still a couple of local banks, but if they have not already been bought out or consolidated with a national, that is underway. even if they keep their local name and sign, most are owned by outside companies now.

if I was eligible to join a credit union here, I would, still my first preference, I have never been anyplace that did not have credit unions for parish or diocese, don’t know why they aren’t strong here.


Local. The tellers usually know you by name, and you’re more likely to get a loan if you’re in a tight spot. ;):smiley:

Seriously though, the tellers are friendlier at the local banks. Hubby and I have always had better experiences at our local bank than the national chain. It’s more homey and friendly.


National for me, but both have great benefits. I was actually thinking of switiching to a local one, just for the star wars checks.


We never actually go TO the bank (unless we’re running up to the ATM or something)… all our banking is online - so the whole benefit of “knowing your name” at the local places isn’t worth it…
We bank at big national bank.


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