Banned by U.K., Savage hits back



Be nice now. I now some of you love this guy and some of you hate him.

Personally, I could do without the vitriol and I don’t see how it adds to the political enviornment. Maybe someone can explain what they see that is Christian about Savage? To me his show seems like 3 hours of name calling. :shrug:

Anyway, one publicity-stirring lawsuit, coming up:
Savage told The Chronicle that being included in such a crowd is no laughing matter — and he is now preparing legal action against Smith, he said.

“This [explative deleted]… is linking me up with Nazi skinheads who are killing people in Russia, she’s putting me in a league with Hamas murderers who kill Jews on busses,” he said. “I have never advocated violence … I’ve been on the air 15 years. My views may be inflammatory, but they’re not violent in any way.”

He said he has been defamed and endangered by the British government action. “She has painted a target on my back, linking me with people who are in prison for killing people,” he said. “Does she not think people might hunt me down?”

Savage said he has had no contact with the British government or with Smith’s office and has no idea how he ended up on the British Home secretary’s list.

As soon as i clicked on the link I saw the name of Fred Phelps of the ironically named Lovingway Baptist Church of Witchita KS. He went to Matthew Shephard’s funeral here in Colorado in Ft Collins to declare the poor gay guy that two “Christian” young men tortured and left to die of exposure in a field was in hell and these guys were “God’s agents of vengence.” regardless of one’s views on homosexuality, NOBODY deserves that!:frowning:
Fred Phelps came here to the Air Force Academy for the funeral of a young soldier who died in Battle in Iraq and declared that God was punishing us for our liberal attitudes towards homosexuals:confused:He also was holding up a poster that declared that Pope John Paul who had recently died was in hell. This was at the same time that crowds in Rome are shouting Santo subito! (sainthood now!) Phelp’s daughter ran for some office back in Witchita where Bob Dole is considered a “screaming liberal” and was beaten by an openly lesbian candidate. This should usher in a ticker tape parade of warning signs. Colorado Springs is a right wing conservative town of the 90’s (1890’s that is) Our mayor told Phelps after his last bunch of shenanigans here that he was not welcome here and not to come back! If this talk show host is hanging around with folks like that and preaching their so-called Christian agenda, I want nothing to do with him. this kind of "Christian " gives all other Christians a bad name and insults and blasphemes the name of our Lord by even speaking in it.:mad: God bless Britain for kicking him to the curb!:thumbsup:
PS I tried to keep this toned down as much as i could but, Phelps is truely offensive and this talkshow host is guity by association

Savage is one of the best Constitutionalist in Broadcasting today. The manly-mans conservative.:wink:

Also of all the talk show host I hear him quote the Bible and Pope Benedict the most. As a Southern I can absolute appreciate his New York fighting spirit from growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. I wonder if this type of fighting spirit still exist in the metro area? I hope so.:wink:

i read the full article and i think britian is wise to keep everyone else on that list out of the country. however i think they are opposed to savage because they are afraid of a man that tells men not to be sheep.

Phelps is truly offensive and this talkshow host is guilty by association

Uh, just because Fred Phelps has been banned in Britain as well as Mr Savage does NOT mean they are associated in any way. I’m quite sure Michael does not approve of this guy, he is a strong supporter of our troops, though not of homosexuals which I appreciate.

If you listened to Michael’s show today he had a guy on talking about the protests held by mainstream British Muslims calling for the deaths of members of parliament and the queen over reasons they claim are offensive to Islam. Calling for the DEATHS of these people. Yet Britain lets them carry on as if its okay but bans Michael Savage, one of the few voices of reason against “Islamofascism” this world has. It’s Sick!

Hm, does globalization involve the free flow of cranks and nutters, is there some kind of World Trade Agreement?

I mean, it’s not as if the UK has exactly got a shortage of her own and she doesn’t have a port and warehousing facility like at Guantanamo.

It makes sense for the UK to ban dangerous people from entering the country. Michael Savage is not a dangerous person. I don’t care for him or his show, but I am baffled by the UK’s decision to put him on a list banning him from visiting. :shrug:

I take it from you Guantanamo comment, that you somehow believe him to be a threat? Are you in favor of locking up people who disagree with you?

\What association does Savage have with Phelps? I don’t think so.

From a related BBC article:

However, Ms Smith said granting free speech did not provide a licence to preach hatred and that those banned had “clearly overstepped the mark” with the attitudes they had expressed.

"[Naming them] enables people to see the sorts of unacceptable behaviour we are not willing to have in this country.

“Coming to this country is a privilege. We won’t allow people into this country who are going to propagate the sort of views… that fundamentally go against our values.”

My first reaction was to get my Irish up, but as Smith says, the UK has the right to let in or keep out anyone it wants. The First Amendment doesn’t extend beyond our borders – I’ll be happy if we can hold onto it here!

I loved this bit:

Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, told BBC Radio 5 Live that people should be free to enter the country, regardless of their views.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

You tell 'em, Inayat! And while you’re at it, try that line in Riyadh, Teheran, &c. and see how it goes over.

Behavior likely to cause a breach of the peace, I expect.

I take it from you Guantanamo comment, that you somehow believe him to be a threat? Are you in favor of locking up people who disagree with you?

No, I’m not an American.

Correct, however, it does not mean that this woman is not deserving of ridicule.

Mike Savage says things most people wouldn’t and that’s why I like to listen to him. He often says things I was thinking. The UK embarrassed themselves by banning him. He has never incited me to violence, what a joke. He is banned for his political beliefs.

How has the UK ‘embarrassed themselves’? Are all Brits walking around blushing or something? Why should the British government care vaguely about American admirers of the man?

Several months ago (maybe more) the local radio station which carries Michael’s program ran a plug something like the following:

“Tune in later this afternoon to find out for yourself whether or not Michael Savage took his heart medication today.”

When you hear the Home Secretary describe why she banned him she is embarrassing herself and the country she represents.

Brits don;t have to care what I think but they should care what the Home secretary says especially when she sounds foolish.

Exactly!! Who else would talk about whether Michael Savage took his heart medicine or not?! Only him…

An absoulte idiotic act by intolerant bigots in the UK. Hypocrits!

I can’t stand Michael Savage, but this is ridiculous. He has never advocated violence. All this ludicrous action does is show that the UK is not a free country. Oh, its free if you do everything you are told and think like you are told. This action also show that they too prefer symbolism over substance.

Oh well, the sun has already set on them.

When he saw that information on the net , he probably shouted hallelujah this is my lucky day…I am sure it was the best thing he could have ever latched on to and thanks his lucky stars…He should be sending this woman flowers

I personally ignore him…He is a complete waste of space

In your eyes, which hardly matter.

Brits don;t have to care what I think but they should care what the Home secretary says especially when she sounds foolish.

Foolish to whom?

No, the UK simply doesn’t put such a high premium on freedom of speech as does the US. We are a bit strange among nations, even among Western nations, on how much emphasis we put on free speech.

I find the views expressed by Michael “Savage” Wiener, and the ways he expresses them, to be frequently offensive. There is little good I could say about him (because I don’t know him), although I am sure he is kind to puppy dogs and perhaps little old ladies. However, I do respect Mr. Wiener’s right to speak his mind. As much as I despise his show, I am glad he has the right to broadcast.

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