Banned from Lds forum, online baptist, baptist forum

How does one get banned from catholic answers

Within 24 hours of joining
Lds forum
Baptist forum
Online baptist

I was banned

I came home to the catholic church because the catholic church was never afraid of historical facts when I discussed historical facts on the above sites by quoting documents such as the dideche, dead sea scrolls, codec sinicatus, Joesphus and so on I was banned

How do you get banned from catholic answers are we as harsh


You will probably find an answer to your question in the “Forum Rules” section at the top close to where you logged in. I hope that helps… :slight_smile:

I don’t know about LDS forums, but you only have to simply state that you are Catholic to get banned from baptist forums.

I moderate a Monergist group on Facebook, made up of Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, even a Mennonite, and we have only ever banned a handful of people. The vast majority of ban circumstances were because the person’s account turned out to be spam, but one guy was banned because he spammed the wall with links to his blog after he was told not to do so. However, we’ve never banned anyone for contrary thought. We had an Arminian gentleman join and engaging us in dialogue, and to my knowledge he’s still a member, though he no longer posts on there much. We also had some Seventh Day Adventists join and ask us questions, and they were permitted to do so without any fear of ban. I don’t know the circumstances around your banning at the particular Baptist forum, but I doubt you’d fear banning from us unless you were disrespectful, posted gross or obnoxious things, or broke general group rules repeatedly.

What kind of Baptists were they, any way?

Regarding CAF, the only people I know who got banned had it happen because they were trolling accounts. I know at least two Muslims who were banned, not because they were Muslim, but because they became insulting to other members (one began calling Roman Catholics “pigs,” the other said demeaning things to female members).

Question answered, thanks for asking.

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