Banned Mormon Cartoon

Saw this on another forum, car forum of all places, but it was tagged as being banned, its on youtube if you want to follow the link, but its a cartoon supposedly based on the LDS faith. How close or off is this cartoon and is there any truth or reason for it being banned? I’d appreciate the LDS take on this. I don’t claim to take this as authentic, and it seems biased in my opinion, and I’m a Catholic Christian.

Nevermind, just finished the cartoon, it is very biased. But I’d still care to get the LDS take on this. Mods pls delete if this breaks forum rules.

Talk about inserting imaginative additions to actual doctrines to create a complete joke! This is so not what Mormonism teaches. It sounds like the person who created this mixed scientology with actual Mormon teachings. But I will let Mormons reply, I have no doubt they will come to the same conclusion.

People, study other religions, even if they are not your own, don’t rely on b.s. like this.

As a regular YouTuber, I have never fully watched that vid but have run across it more than a few times. Judging from the horrible art-style and creepy animation, I assume it was made somewhere in the 80s.

I’m curious though.

Exactly who made this cartoon? It looks like the type you’d see evangelical fundamentalists would produce about other religions. :confused:

I think the cartoon is excerpted from an anti-Mormon film made in 1982 by a couple ex-Mormons. The film is called “The God Makers” and its producers, Dick Baer and Ed Decker, appear in the film as narrators. In the movie…

Decker and Baer run an animated film that is claimed to illustrate the differences between Mormonism and Christianity. The animation depicts God the Father living on a planet called Kolob with his many identical, blonde “goddess wives” who are taking care of “spirit children” produced through “endless celestial sex.” A plan is presented to create and populate the Earth, and all of the spirits in attendance vote on the matter. One third of the spirits follow Lucifer’s plan and are denied physical bodies. Those that are “neutral” are “born with black skin.” Those who were valiant were to be “lighter skinned” and “born into Mormon families on planet earth.” The narrator states that thousands of year later, God the Father journeyed to earth “from the Starbase Kolob,” to “have sex with the virgin Mary, in order to provide Jesus with a physical body.” It is also stated that Jesus Christ, who is now referred to as the “Mormon Jesus,” had a number of children through multiple wives. The narrator states that Joseph Smith Jr. claimed to be a descendant of Jesus Christ.

The animation portrays a brief history of the events described in the Book of Mormon. The book is said to have been recovered by “a young treasure seeker named Joseph Smith, who was known for his tall tales,” in upstate New York. The narrator states that “the Mormons thank God for Joseph Smith,” and that Smith will sit in final judgment over them, along with God the Father and the “Mormon Jesus.” The film depicts Smith sitting in the center position with God the Father and the “Mormon Jesus” to either side during the judgment process. It is stated that Joseph Smith “shed his blood for us, so that we too may become gods.” Upon viewing the animation, one of the actor/lawyers comments that it sounds like something from von Däniken or Battlestar Galactica.

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