Banned singers?

I heard from my friends that there are Catholic singers who are now banned. (Like Charlotte Church) Is this true? I really don’t know if she’s banned or excommunicated.

I know that she’s singing a different type of songs now, but can we still listen to her religious songs recorded and performed when she’s still young?

How about Billy Gilman?

How can singer be banned? Is there any ecclesiastical process and announcement?

Their (religious)songs in their younger years were really nice.

Are they the one’s banned or their non-Catholic songs?

There’s no ban on her nor is she excommunicated to the best of my knowledge but she did cause controversy when she refered to Pope Benedict as a Nazi on her chat show and made dispaparaging remarks about the Church. As a result several Catholic companies that carried her CDs removed her products from their catalogues. I attribute these remarks to her relative youth (she is only 23 remember) and the company she keeps where such outlooks are common. At her age I went through such a stage myself.

I’ve never heard of Billy Gilman - I see looking up his name that he is a country musician from the US.

I really lack knowledge on news about Charlotte this past years. What certain occasion did Charlotte call Benedict a Nazi?

It seems Ms. Church did way more than call the pope a Nazi (not that that wasn’t enough):

However, even this would not compel her bishop to excommunicate her. Her actions were childish at best, disgusting at worst. It shows an immature understanding and a desire for attention, IMHO. She also dissed others on her show. I don’t see it lasting nor can I see how these actions will help her career. Hopefully, she’ll see how wrong and stupid they were and apologize.

Perhaps Miss Church should remember Pope John Paul II suffered directly because of the Nazi regime and still was able to be a good friend to Cardinal Ratzinger. As I say Charlotte is young, she may look back on these antics in later years and see them as tasteless, which they are.

This reminds me of Sin’ead O’Connor and her SNL stunt.

Does anybody know what particular episode of her show she blasphemed against the pope?

Sinead - there’s no apostrophe in the name, it’s the Irish version of Jane. The difference is Sinead was sadly mistaken and offensive but had a more heartfelt complaint she honestly felt strongly about, also some allowance can be made for her having an awful upbringing if you know her personal history whereas Charlotte Church on the other hand has had a far better time of it growing up. Although when it comes to Irish rock and pop stars ironically the one with the best relationship with the Church is probably Bonon, who is not Catholic at all.

Probably as a result of being the child of a religiously mixed marriage. Unlike many you don’t get the impression that Bono is Christian In Name Only. Although some do complaign aout his language. It is only Adam Clayton’s refusal to committ which stopped U2 from being a Christian act in the first place.

Yes, there are some other Irish acts which take been Christian seriously, but most of them would only be known at a local level.

The article in the daily mail states that Miss Church dislikes the Holy Father because he called Harry Potter books a “subtle seduction” which are “capable of corrupting young Christians”

Good Grief, He didn’t ban the books, he expressed a concern. Capable! Not Will!

Again an example of someone going off on a tangent because they don’t understand the Vatican’s concern about secular effects on children in non well catechized families.

I think the poster was simply trying to represent the acute accent in “Sinéad” as well as an English-language keyboard will permit without doing a lot of research.

Yeah, thats what I was trying to do. I’m Irish, I even speak a little Gaelic.

Edit: hehe I found out how to do it. :smiley:

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