Banned Topics

Certain topics are off limits for discussion. These include:

  • Moderator Activities
  • Private Information

See below for more information.
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Moderator actions are not open to public debate. If a participant has a question about a particular action by the moderation staff, a moderator should be contacted privately. Please do not contact all the moderators simultaneously. If the one you contact cannot answer your question, he or she will forward it to someone who can. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

**Banned Topic: Private Information


Please do not use these forums to solicit private information about other participants or to request opinions of other participants about oneself. In the first case no participant should be subjected to an appeal for private information (e.g., age, income, location). In the second case, participants do not know you well enough to give personal opinions about you and the moderation staff has a difficult enough job reminding participants to focus on the issues and not the personalities of fellow participants.

Thank you for your cooperation.**

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