The notion that discussing those that do not believe in God is a banned topic is understandable. This is not about that. I noticed that the definition is in reference to the antonyms.

For someone to claim to be an Axxxxxxt and discuss it this is banned. Looking at the definition, synonym and antonym I see that the definition is defined as contrary to the antonyms.

Definition: person who is leery, unbelieving

Synonyms: agnostic, apostate, atheist , cynic, disbeliever, dissenter, doubter, doubting Thomas, freethinker, heathen, heretic, infidel, materialist, misanthrope, misbeliever, nihilist, pagan, pessimist, profaner, questioner, rationalist, scoffer, unbeliever

Notes: cynics doubt because they question motives (Cynic was first a school of philosophy expressing contempt for wealth and pleasure; the word cynic comes from Greek cyniko ‘doglike’); skeptics doubt reports of what they hear or read

Antonyms: believer, devotee, disciple

While the topic is banned as a believer, devotee, disciple how is it possible to include dialogue with those that come to the forum just wanting to dialogue. It would appear to me that the only way to do that would be to declare themselves to be non-believers, non-disciples or non-devotees as these words tend not to excite the passion of the “A” word.

Would that work?

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