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Hello allo,

I’m living in Czech Republic ( as some of you may know most of the czech are declared “atheists” )

Me and my girlfiriend decided to have our wedding in the church also, but in order to do it, both have to be baptised.

As me I’m catholic and she is not, i’v managed to conviced her to be baptised.

But… I need some advice:

What suppose in fact to baptise an adult person ?
What she is suppose to do in order to be baptised ?

Any adive would be appreciated!


Congratulations! I hope this is because you practice the faith and intend to raise your children Catholic.

I don’t know who told you this, or if you just assumed it, but it is not true. Your girlfriend does not need to be baptized in order for you to marry her in the Church. You should meet with your pastor. You need what is called a dispensation from disparity of cult. Your pastor applies for it with your bishop.

She should be baptized if she believes in God, wants to join the Church, and plans to be a practicing Catholic. Is she “convinced” to be baptized because she really believes or because she just wants to get married?

It is wrong to coerce someone to be baptized.

To be baptized, she would approach the priest and ask about instruction in the Catholic faith. After she takes instruction, however that is done in your country, then she would be baptized, confirmed, and receive first eucharist.

But again, she should seek baptism if she really believes, not just to please you. I hope she will be baptized, but not if it’s under pressure.


Well, improper said “convinced”.

We just decided; but for someone who had no faith to be a chrsian is not an easy step…

And my 2nd question: as we decided also for “godparents”, they are unmarried and also not baptised would be a problem ?

From what I was reading on orthodox rite “godparents” HAS be be batised and married.


Godparents of a Catholic child or adult must be baptized, practicing Catholics. You only need one godparent. If you have two they will need to be opposite sex. But they need not be related to each other in any way.


Good to know :slight_smile:

AND yes the godparents are opposite sex.

P.S. i never thought this “religious” situation can be sometimes quite challanging…


Well stated.


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