Baptised Twice?

My friend just joined a non-denom Evangelical Church. He told me he was baptised a few weeks ago (he’s 38 yrs old). He was baptised as an infant as well. I asked him why he was baptised again and he said that this time it was his conscious decision to get baptised. I don’t understand that logic. As Catholics we acknowledge one baptism. How do I explain our differences to him regarding baptism? If my friend converted to Catholicism would he baptised again?


The second time all your friend got was wet. Sadly, he has turned his back on Christ’s Church - pray for him to return. When he does, he will need to go to Confession - one thing to confess will be this second baptism.

No, he would not. Catholics believe in one baptism as we say every Sunday in the Creed.

My friend was not baptised originally Catholic…not sure which but he was raised in a Protestant church. Does it still matter about being baptised once if not baptised Catholic the first time?

I am praying for him to convert to Catholicism.

As long as it was a trinitarian baptism done with water, your friend is baptized.

The issue is the different views on baptism. Your friends church views baptism as an ordinance. It is a sign of their faith in Christ, but makes no actual change. He doesn’t view his baptism as an infant as meaningful since he was too young to make that decision for himself. Since we, as Catholics, believe that baptism makes an actual change, that can only happen one time.

As for conversion, most likely the Church would recognize the first baptism, assuming it used water and was done “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” In the eyes of the Church, the second time all he did was get wet.

Well some Christian Communities don’t realize that the Scriptures speak of only ONE Baptism.

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