baptisim question.

I was baptized and raised Lutheran. My fiance, Roman Catholic. We have a 4 mo old daughter and I insist she be baptized ASAP. My fiance wants her baptized Catholic, I agree. I would like to raise her as Catholic, if she decides after age 18 to convert so be it, but we both feel raising her Catholic is best. Can we have her baptized Catholic if I am not? Do her God Parents have to be Catholic? Would I have to convert?

Yes, you can have her baptised. At least there is nothing in your post that would indicate that she can’t be baptised. The fact that you aren’t Catholic does NOT prevent the baptism, so long as the pastor has a founded hope that the child will indeed be raised Catholic.

Yes, the Godparents must be Catholic. To be a Godparent in the Catholic Church, one must necessarily be a Catholic (although it’s possible for one Godparent to be Eastern Orthodox). It’s impossible for one who isn’t Catholic (or Orthodox) to be a Godparent to a Catholic.

No, you would not have to convert for your daughter to be baptised, but do know that the Church is always ready to welcome you!!!

Those are “general” answers. You really need to speak to the local Catholic pastor though to work-out everything.

Good for you for wanting to find out all these answers and getting the wee one baptized as soon as possible. In general, the answers are, (a) yes, she can be baptized; (b) there must be at least one Catholic Godparent, and © you do not have to convert.

However, that is just “in general.” You must meet with a priest who will discern your specific situation. He must be comfortable that there is truly reason to believe the child will be raised Catholic before she is baptized. Because you are not married to the father, not Catholic yourself, and the Catholic parent seems from your description to be a little indifferent to the issue, there may be some questions about the odds of the child being raised Catholic. You seem to have the enthusiasm, the commitment and the determination to answer any questions the priest may have . . .

God bless you and your baby.

Thanks. I asked here only because my fiance was a little embarassed to ask the priest because of us not being married yet. My only concern is as non-traditional as it sounds, I really wanted to go a different route with Godparents. I don’t feel close enough to any men I know, that would respect my wishes and raise my daughter with my morals and christian beliefs. My younger sisters are both perfect for that responsibilty. They however were both baptized Luthern as well. I no longer attend church in the Luthern faith due to some of the political/moral views associated with the church. I have gone to Catholic church services a few times with my fiance and his family. We chose to raise Alexis Catholic because I know for a fact the issues I struggled with in the Lutheran church would never fly in Catholicism. My sisters both equally respect our choice. I will schedule a meeting at the local parish and ask about our unique situation. Hopefully something can be worked out, and quickly as my daughter is growing quickly and it bothers me that she is still not baptized!

Since your fiance is Catholic, are there any family members on his side who are Catholic that could be potential God parents?

You must have one Godparent, they must be a practicing Catholic. You can choose to have a second Godparent who is a practicing Catholic of the opposite gender or a Christian witness.

One of your sisters could be the Christian Witness as long as you have a Practicing Catholic Male Godparent.

The Priest will explain it all.

My exact thought! If not, is there anyone in the parish that you would feel close enough to ask? I think it’s a big point winner for you to include the future in-laws, though.

Congrats on the baby! Look forward to welcoming you back across the Tiber soon, too! :slight_smile:

Only one Godparent is required and they must be a Confirmed, practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church. You may also have another Baptized Christian (of the opposite gender) stand with the Catholic Godparent as a Christian Witness to the Baptism. (they are not a second non-Catholic Godparent)

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