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Would it be correct to say or teach that when one receives baptism their relationship with God is the same as that of Adam and Eve prior to their fall from grace?


Adam and eve were perfect in form and innocence. Baptism brings us back to that innocence but we still retain a wound to our form. Adam and Eve precieved everything around them rightly, they total “got” how/why/and for what purpose God made them and the world around them. They never got sick, they never knew pain etc etc…All these aspects: mental/physical/spiritual were forever changed/harmed by that first sin.

God offers adoption, grace, spiritual admission into His own blessed life AND offering that same innocence Adam and Eve were created into…but that wound from that first sin remained. This is why we get sick, why we die, why we are inclined to move towards sin (all unlike our first parents). When adam and eve looked at eachother in their nakedness…they saw an image of God and only wanted to love, serve and honor that person…when a man looks at a naked woman now…not so much (generally). You can see how twisted our view of our world is now since the fall…much in us has changed.

The human family is one entity…We were all created by God in love and called to love and called not only to be one with eachother but also one with God…our source. When either of us do ANYTHING… it physically and/or spiritually has an effect on eachother.

Throughout salvation history from adam and even onward…thankfully God never stopped loving us, always offering His aid and later even His Son. Gods assistance makes up for what we lack and pull us closer and deeper into God’s life. As catholics, we receive this in the sacraments and God can work outside of the sacraments for the rest of His people

God bless


Thank you. What a very clear and good response to my question. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless.


Why then did Adam and Eve sin if they were not inclined to?


They made a choice after listening to the words of the serpent. Because of their state at that time, their sin was far worse than than ours! They wanted to be like God, knowing good and evil.

We have a tendency to sin, and fall frequently through weakness.


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