Baptism After Divorce

This morning I visited my parish priest, to inquire how I might become Catholic. I have never been baptised, and have belonged to no real denomination before in my life. The problem being this, I have previously been married 10 years ago, to a Catholic woman, in a Catholic church. The priest was unable to tell me for sure if it would be possible after my divorce if I could be baptised. He thought that I would probably have to get a full annulment before I could proceed to get baptised.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
any help ?

thanks in advance


Unless you are remarried after the first marriage, there should be no problem in being baptized after a divorce.

The other issue could be that without a decree of nullity, there posibly could be the question of who was at fault for the divorce/who filed. That is, if you filed for divorce, and did not have a legitimate reason for doing so, you could be seen as the instigator of a breakup of a legitimate marriage.

There can be valid reasons for obtaining a divorce, and determining fault is not always as simple as some would make it.

You may want to speak with another priest about this issue, as I am surprised that the priest you spoke with could not answer the question you posed. It may be that the discussion was not in depth, but his response surprises me.

the priest probably meant he could not give you a complete answer without knowing more of the details. You can certainly be baptized after a divorce, as long as you have not remarried (or are not cohabiting of course). What you cannot do is marry again until the validity of the first marriage has been investigated and an annulment received, which is never a sure thing.

No sin or past indiscretion disqualifies you from baptism.

God Bless

Dear Mike:

Your story surprises me. Are you “re-married”? Is this the issue?

Pax Christi tecum.

John Hiner

Its seems to me that this story is not complete. Firstly, how comes you married a Catholic woman in a Catholic Church without being asked if you wanted to be baptized a Catholic?

In my view, if you want to be baptized a catholic you cna surely do so. I would suggest, be truthful about your situation and seek a second oppinion from another priest.

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